Intern needed to study LEAF FODDER at 3 Streams Farm

By Maria Gail | May 17, 2018


Shana Hanson of 3 Streams Farm in Belfast has been awarded a SARE Farmer Grant to study tree leaf fodder for livestock.

Shana is seeking a tree-climbing goat-loving intern/contractee who especially wants to study the very old climate-friendly "air meadow" practice of feeding livestock with leafy branches from heavily pruned trees (pollards) in a woodland.

The open position runs thru summer
2-3 x 6hr. days/week, for a $50 stipend/day,
plus housing if needed in an off-grid upstairs apartment.

Intern/contractee will share tasks of SARE Farmer Grant project with 3 other team members. Project involves high pruning of one acre of woodland, weighing goats on their way in and out, measuring trees and pieces of trees, processing leafy branches, as well as visiting other farms to record responses of cows and sheep to fodder samples.

See Proposal in Notes, here: .
It's the "E" position that's the open position.

We are also sampling soil carbon, for longer term tracking of possible effects of our practices (beyond the scope of our current two year Farmer Grant).

If you are interested, please contact Shana Hanson, (207) 338-3301 and Joshua Kauppila, (906) 360-4597.

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