Invade Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

By patrick quinn | Sep 26, 2017

Puerto Rico is a Territorial State of United States.  There are actually 57 States in the American Union including the Territories and Districts.  Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are in dire need of assistance.  If these people have no way to live they will be coming to the mainland as refugees of an assault on their islands by a hurricane with the power of an atomic bomb, they are devastated and we need to help.

The mighty military invades Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and many other places.  We are told that they are re-builders of war torn areas, they build roads, schools, homes, they are the  engineers, hell, they can put up an airport tower in 3 days or less to direct air traffic.  The American military is the greatest and most efficient airport re-builder in the world! The Sea Bees! Send in the Marines! Send in the Navy with hospital ships, these people need medication for illness, injury.  Imagine how long you might last without needed insulin, or blood pressure medication, heart medication, and the list goes on. The Army can move mountains, the Air Force in MAINE could fly their magnificent flying machines for great benefit, Please, please People of The State of Maine, have compassion.

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