Invest in youth: Please support Five Town CTC this holiday season

Photo by: Five Town Communities That Care

The Five Town community is recognized nationally for our effective efforts to reduce the incidence of adolescent substance abuse, violence, delinquency, school dropout, suicide, and teen pregnancy.

We are making a positive difference:

  • Rates of having ever used alcohol are the lowest in 10 years for all grade levels.
  • We’ve made great strides in suicide awareness and prevention; education is widely available, and most youth-serving agencies now have plans in place to deal with the aftermath of the death of a youth by suicide.
  • Middle school delinquency (shoplifting, damaging property, etc.) is down, with most measures at ten-year lows.
  • Dropout rates at CHRHS are half the State of Maine average (1.5% versus 3.4%).

We know we still have work to do:

  • Most of our young people who drink do so heavily (five or more drinks in one sitting).
  • Knox County still has one of the highest suicide rates in Maine.
  • Students in our state report being bullied at higher rates than the national average.

It takes people and organizations from across a community working together to prevent kids from making choices that could impact their health and well-being for a lifetime.

At Five Town Communities That Care, we serve to engage, educate and mobilize our community around a common mission--- to promote the healthy development of our children.

We are making a difference, but WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please donate to Five Town CTC's year-end fund. $50, $25, $10... every dollar counts!


For more information about Five Town CTC programs and services, contact Alex Owre at 236-9800, or

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