Is Rockland, a Family Town OR Is It Druggie Central?

By Catherine Cooper | Aug 07, 2018

So Rockland Maine has decided to open a pot shop on Main Street in a very prominent location in a very large, visible building.

When I first started coming to Maine to visit my grandmother and the family home in Camden in the 1960's, Rockland had an awful reputation and we never went there.

Rockland cleaned up it's act and I moved here in 2010. With the medical marijuana passage and now the recreational marijuana being approved for use, the city council sees $$$ and decides it's okay to have one of the biggest buildings in town turn into a pot operation instead of having it tucked away on the outskirts of town. Making matters worse, a 2nd location is being considered where Hill's Seafood is located across from the Rockland Harbor where tourists come off of cruise ships to look and shop our quaint town.

What will these tourists think? What will our children think? What are the benefits of this compared to the costs, as in additional policing, mental health facilities, the loss of tourism and families who want a more family friendly town in which to raise their children?

Finally, we have 2 sober living houses located in town, Ruth's Haven for women and Friend's House for men. We also have the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition on Main Street.

Rockland, we're a one stop shop for getting high and recovering from the high.

Are we a family town or a pot use destination? Because you can't be both...

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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 02, 2018 13:25

Yes, Rockland certainly is a family town; as well as a welcoming town for ALL..  Some choose to use pot for medical purposes and some choose to use it recreationally. Personally, choose not to use any mind altering substances because of appreciating a natural high.  My Dad used to say, "If it wasn't for the Baptists in Rockland the Camden liquor store would have to close."   He may have been right. Hope we soon get off this self righteous kick.  Lighten up, folks. The munchies just might add some more restaurant clientele. :)

Posted by: Christine B Doherty | Aug 02, 2018 11:42

are there businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco that the tourists can see when they come to visit your quaint town? or are they hidden away from view? there is not much difference in these drugs except for how long they have been legal - they all are hazardous to a person’s health whether sold in shops on Main St or in a less-traveled area of town where only the locals would go, or even out of one’s home. but the State of Maine gets much needed revenue from the sale of these products, as well as from the tourism industry. tourism has a shorter season - alcohol, tobacco and pot bring in money year round. the sale and use of any addictive product, legal or illegal, is a problem for every community, even the places the tourists come from. what is your real concern? appearance of “quaint” or the selling of products that are harmful to one’s health?

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