It Feels SO Good !

Photo by: Jerry Lancourt

Did we ever have such a night?  Did we ever have so many winning candidates?  And a joyful welcome to Marriage Equality!

The Knox County Democratic Committee and the Democratic candidates send heartfelt thanks to the many voters and campaign volunteers who made these victories possible.

Now, let’s get to work.

XXOO from your friends at the Knox County Democrats


Paid for and authorized by the Knox County Democratic Committee

Stu Thro, Treasurer, P.O. Box 452  Rockland, ME 04841


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Posted by: Kathleen D Daley | Nov 14, 2012 08:18

I am a former Democrat who switched to being an independent a little over a year ago.  I switched because both parties have become mean spirited.  Both have engaged in out right lies about each others candidates and played dirty politics in so many ways.  It has made America and Maine look and seem very low class and ignorant.  This gloating by Democrats is just another example and causes me to be very glad I made the decision to be an independent!

Kathleen Daley


Posted by: Geri York | Nov 13, 2012 14:00

It just shows what a bunch of JACK_____ they really are !!!

Posted by: Yep I Said It | Nov 08, 2012 18:28

By the way;  Is that a picture of a dead donkey on the ground?

Posted by: Yep I Said It | Nov 08, 2012 18:25

Oh great! The Maine Democrat Party back in control of the legislature! All you're missing is Governor Baldacci and a return to economic stagnation with Maine having the highest tax burden in the nation and being known as one of, if not the, least business friendly state. God help us all.

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