It's beginning to feel a lot like Thanksgiving

By Dan Dunkle | Nov 21, 2012
Photo by: Bane Okholm Graphic designer Debbie Post hangs holiday lights Nov. 21 at our Courier Publications office.

The office has taken on a festive quality with employees stringing up colorful lights Wednesday morning.

I am writing to you now from The Courier Publications world headquarters high atop the Breakwater Marketplace in Rockland. The pitter-patter of seagull feet on the roof has me thinking of this place as Seagull Nest 1. David Grima's headquarters atop the towers in the South End is Seagull Nest 2, and between us we have the city pretty much covered (you'd be surprised how many people have asked me if he really lives up there).

The office is filled with activity, but soon, I will be awake all too early, elbow deep in an icy turkey carcass. The parents, cousin Billy and Uncle Peter are coming down tomorrow for our Thanksgiving feast.

My mother likes to comment on the roasted bird as it comes out of the oven. Her most famous quote from Thanksgivings' past: "Oh Danny, you have lovely drippings."

Apparently when she was growing up in the 19th century, people routinely complimented each other on their turkey drippings. And of course those bird drippings became the gravy that at this moment gives birth to my future heart disease.

Happy Turkey Day. Remember to be thankful for all you have. It may be tough by our standards at times, but we still live quite well in this community.

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Posted by: Eric Thurston | Nov 21, 2012 13:06

First, I believe you are at the universe headquarters of the Courier, not just the world headquarters.

Second, I regret to inform you that the pitter-patter sound on the roof may not be from seagull feet, it may be lovely seagull "drippings".

Happy Thanksgiving

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