It's new Day-Timer pages day!

By Dan Dunkle | Jan 02, 2017

Today is the first work day of the year for me.

It is the day that I come into my office and find new pages for my Day-Timer waiting in a package on my desk. Is it strange that I still use pieces of paper with the days of the week printed on them to plan my appointments?

I forget when I purchased this Day-Timer notebook, but I think it has been well over a decade.

I took out all the pages from 2016... all of those interviews, dates of city council meetings, planning board meetings, deadlines for special articles and projects, the kids' doctor's appointments... hesitated a moment holding them over the trash and then dropped them in. One more year gone just like that.

I oohed and ahhed as I do every year over the reference materials included in the back of the new pages. A map of the U.S. with time zones! A map of the world with major cities. Conversion charts for metric equivalents. Information about airlines and hotels and area codes.

This is the first and last time I will look at these maps and materials in 2017. Lord-willing, I will remember them again in January 2018 when the next set of pages comes out.

I noticed the order form for more pages. This is an item I will be unable to find next November or December when a co-worker comes around to ask what I will need for Day-Timer refills.

Tomorrow, if I remember to bring it in, I will hang my new Bloom County calendar above my computer. Today I threw out the Goonies calendar that got me through 2016, and that replaced the Alien calendar from 2015.

Life is but a wheel that turns around and around. Now the towns are working on their budgets, making nomination papers available for their selectmen candidates (at least some). In March I will write the town meetings down in my book. In summer the various town celebrations, Friendship Day, Warren Day, The Lobster Festival, The Blues Festival, Union Fair. In November the elections, and then back to the holidays.

In a snap, a few more gray beard hairs, a few more digital photos, and we'll be right back where we started.

Daniel Dunkle is news director for Courier Publications. He lives in Rockland with his wife, Christine, two children and two cats. Email him at Follow him on Twitter @DanDunkle.

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