It's Time to Think About Optimizing Your Heating Performance & Safety

With the arrival of fall temperatures, now is the time to inspect your heating devices and chimneys to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely.

Here are some helpful tips.

Woodstoves & Pellet Stoves:

• Make sure the UL approved unit is installed professionally, situated the correct distance from combustibles, and placed on a non-combustible surface.

• The stove pipe leading from the heating unit to the chimney must meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Clean and inspect this pipe yearly for wear & tear and replace as needed.

• Read and understand the user’s manual for correct operation.

• Burn only seasoned hardwood in woodstoves.

Oil Fired Heating Units:

• Once a year have a certified professional clean and service all oil fired heating devices, and inspect the oil tank and filter.

• The oil line from the oil tank to the heating unit must be in a protective sleeve.


• State code requires a masonry chimney be lined and spaced properly from combustibles.

• Use the correct size flu for the heating device.

• Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned yearly by a qualified contractor.

• A chimney venting wood burning devices should be inspected more frequently depending on the amount of wood being burned. This could prevent a chimney fire.

Puff Back of Soot

A puff back of soot can happen when the heating device malfunctions, or the chimney vent pipe becomes blocked allowing the exhaust gasses to puff back into the home or
business. Proper maintenance and service of devices and chimneys can help eliminate puff backs. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms can help alert you if this occurs.

If a soot loss occurs, it is best to call a qualified expert to assist with the cleanup. Your insurance carrier may have a list of preferred contractors or call your insurance agent.

We're pleased to share this information from our colleagues at MMG Insurance.

Always feel free to call your insurance agent with questions.

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