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By Dan West | Mar 03, 2014

By Beverly Ludden

Good Morning (Sat the 1st)

I slept in later than I usually do, I never sleep very late, but I watched the ball games or most of them last night.

These are my notes from this week and last week. The family all had the flu. I never get that crap but I sure did this time. They had a surprise baby shower for Becca but I didn’t dare to go cause of flu. It was sort of a sudden idea as her folks were planning to be here from Wallagrass bringing Mady home. She’d been up North visiting. Becca got some nice gifts and there was also plenty of food including a cake made by Matt Weaver. It was great; ask Mady, we have some cute pictures of her sampling the frosting.


What a nice letter from Marty Moore about Jim Dickson. I haven’t met Jim myself yet but there’s a breakfast potluck on March 8th at 8:00 AM at the Jackson Community Center so folks can stop by and say hello. Anyone who has met Jim speaks very highly of him and his wife. He’s taken the minutes for the current Jackson select board this past year so I guess he knows the issues. He’s also a member of the planning board. It’s my understanding they’ve invited all candidates to attend the breakfast on the 8th so we can talk to them all prior to town meeting.

Bill Green’s Maine

He had Dixmont Snowmobile Club on his show. I forgot what they called it but they go (on snow machine) from house to house. One has appetizers, then main course at another (had turkey pie and shepherd’s pie) and then to another house for desert, baked apples with ice cream. He went with them; I believe I saw people I should know like Marion. What an idea for towns’ people to do together and they get along.


It’s been nice in Zephyr Hills. I talked to Robert and he’s been sitting outside in 84 degree weather. He and Sharon left on a Sunday at 5 AM and got to their place in Florida on Tuesday at 6PM. Jeff wasn’t home in Jacksonville to they went right to Zephyr Hills.

Red Sox are in Spring Training.

Out to Lunch

Before we all got sick Lisa, Rebecca, Shirley and I met in Bangor for lunch. We seldom can but Lisa was off, Becky was off from school same as me plus it was Becky’s birthday. It would have been Lucille’s birthday too; Lisa wore purple, her favorite color. I wore a pair of her earrings and I’m sure the other two did something. Seems anything we do, she is thought of. By the way, have you ever been to the Hobby Lobby? If you can’t find it there, you don’t need it. Those who want cloth, there’s so much of it there. Even the fleece we used to use too much of. Try it out. PS I see Robert and Roberta Wren and haven’t seen them in forever. She used to work at Voc School when I drove bus there.

Good News

Kevin is home. Welcome home Kev!


Be careful of ice. There have been a lot of accidents on the scanner. Still outside they must have a lifeline. Anyhow, Polly fell and broke her wrist down by her mailbox. Many cars went by and never stopped. I don’t know how people could do that. But I remember years ago cause mum was at Tall Pines, Shirley was bringing her to Jackson and her car broke down. She tried to stop cars and finally got mum out in her wheel chair and then a lot of cars went by before someone stopped to help her.


On T.V., I think the “Today Show” they had a story of a now young lady when she was adopted by an older couple in the US she was born to a 16 year old and had no legs. She is a great swimmer and has been to college and all those things but had always wanted to meet her biological mother. As it was her mom had later married her dad and they had several more children. Her U.S. parents made arrangements for her to visit Russia. What a story….a tear jerker.

Picture out back

Gotta tell you about the picture out back yesterday. I forgot to close the drape as I do on most cold, cold, nights. The sun was coming up so red it looked like fire and in the trees there were 3 or 4 fat Blue Jays sitting out there waiting for day light or to see if I put more food in their feeder (Chris did it for me the night before) plus their feeder had frost on the bottom of the window (some heat getting up though) it was so pretty and of course it was below zero.


Phyllis Ricker and daughter visited Polly Dodge last week. And she had a house full when Bev Hartley came to visit with her three granddaughters and stayed overnight. Plus Ann and Henry came for supper. Then Beverly went to Montville to visit April and family.


Are over. I watched a lot of it. Did you see the two man bobsled that flipped over? They were on their tip all the way with no way to turn over. The USA got 28 metals. The next one is 2018 in Korea. The next Summer Games are in 2016. The closing ceremony was unreal. Where can they get all the people to practice etc.?


Sister Shirley has tried a couple more recipes from Betty’s column in the RJ. I can’t remember but one had cherry pie filling on top.

On the one I said to cook potatoes and then mash a little then bake, you leave the skins on and can put butter, cheese, whatever on them.

To pouch eggs, add a little vinegar to the water, stir a little and then quickly add eggs. It’ works, not as good a Pioneer Women, but it works.

Jackson Town Meeting

See you at Town Meeting on March 15th. The meeting begins at 9:30 but there’s going to be a free continental breakfast before the annual meeting beginning at 8:30. Come early, have a coffee and muffin, and catch up with old friends and meet some of our new neighbors!

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