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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 01, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Good Morning. We are going to get some rain aren’t we? At least we don’t have to worry about mud slides – how terrible.

Sorry for those who asked about no column last week? Was a busy weekend with twin calves born and in not very good shape (born early). They had them inside (one of them in front of the woodstove for days) as it was so cold (the mom’s fine) and tube fed both Willie and Waylon. Chris stayed with one to help get him going, they used warm blankets out of the dryer. He finally got a little better but then downhill, even with the Vets advice. Waylon is fine now and out in the pasture with his mom.

New Citizens

We have 3 new citizens born in Jackson last week. Hannah Mae Ludden was born on 3-25to parents AJ and Becca Ludden and then Jeremy and Devon McCormick welcomed their TWO new babies, Collin and Vivian McCormick.


Cody and Jenny Tibbett’s, along with little Hank, were hear to visit and attend Town Meeting. They hope to be here for good before another little Tibbett’s baby arrives. Cody is attending school out near where they are staying in Rhode Island.


I called my brother in Florida Thursday evening and his son Jeff was there. I haven’t talked to him for ages (so nice). He said I just read your news and told me some of the stuff he read. My gosh I just read the paper not realizing or understanding what you can do with computers. Unreal.


I understand the Culinary Class (cooking) has won 1st place in the State and will go to Nationals. How great! Amanda Schiessel is in that class. Nice jog Amanda. I’m sure she’s waited on you before at Ralph’s Café. She’s quite a waitress!

From Florida

Brother Robert called Johnny and then me to tell us about his snake episode. See most of us (like most people) don’t’ like them. LeeAnn will pick them up and take it to a safe place before most of us get a shovel, rock etc. He thought there was something wrong with his old dryer so he bought a new one. Turns out the problem was a black snake…. Well they got a new dryer!


Two World War II vets were in EMMC hospital up to Bangor, I believe, and hadn’t seen each other for nearly 20 years and they ended up in the same room. They were presented a new cap plus other things.


The 3 women in Freeport who have stood on the same corner since Tuesday with the American Flag are still there, only one is sick right now and another person is taking her place. What a nice thing to do and they’re not that young.

Troop Greeters

1.5 million Troops have been greeted at the Bangor International Airport. What a thing to happen in Maine!


It’s warm today so maybe the sap will run. I guess it’s been a bad year because we need warm days and cold nights for it to run. It takes 40 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of syrup.


Watch out for scams. There are many of them going on. Just talk to your regular bank etc., don’t believe anyone else.


…are out. I’ve seen turkeys, three deer, many gray squirrels and chipmunks; they must be all getting out for food they stored for the winter. There were turkeys between Lisa’s house and mine. Ryan wanted Dad to go out back and see where they went I guess so he can chase them. Morgan brought me more Girl Scout cookies. Then they went to Kenny’s Sugar Shack.

Be back “Pioneer Women” is on….


Watched some baseball down South, then I see they are practicing in Belfast. I called my great grandson Kota to tell him I saw his picture (he’s a great player). He said, “Gram I’ll send you a schedule!”


Has been given 15 million through 2015 to play for the Red Sox – I love baseball but that’s unreal with so many so bad here. He’s only one person.


…with the Stars is on again on Monday’s at 8 on channel 7. I’m sure there are a few dancers you’ve seen.


If you like horses… then on the RFD channel there’s a show called Gentle Giants on Sunday’s at 5PM. They are beautiful – there are a lot of advertisements but that’s everywhere.

Oil Company

I just heard we have an Oil Company on Hadley Mill Rd. How great they are to work with and so understanding and friendly. 1st Choice Oil – 234-4645.

Veteran’s Meeting

There is an informational meeting for Veteran’s and their families on April 10th at 6:30 at the Jackson library, behind the town office. This meeting may help answer some of your questions.

Take Back

On April 26th you can take back drugs etc. at the Belfast Police Dept. on Church St and at the Searsport Police Dept. on Union St. No liquids or needles. Get rid of those things if you’re done with them.


The Y in Belfast has older adult luncheons on April 29th, May 28th, and June 25th at 11:30 AM. Call 338-4598.

Flea Market

At the Brooks Grange on April 12th. Call Betty or Millie to rent a table. Lunch is available.


Do you think they will find the plane? So many countries are looking using planes and ships and who knows what else to help find it. Why can’t they always get along?


Got a call from the farm and they say the twins are looking better, especially one of them. Why wouldn’t he?? They came and took a heating pad from an old lady to warm up the twins and now they’re using blankets warmed up in the dryer too. My back is also better…but I’d give up anything to save an animal. Last report is that one is now out with his mother in the barn, and the other is still warming by the woodstove.

The Family Invites You

The following is a reminder sent out on behalf of the Keller family, that there will be a Celebration of Life/Birthday Remembrance for Tena Keller on Saturday, April 12, at 11:00 a.m. at the Freedom Church on 55 Pleasant Street, in Freedom, Maine. Please come and join in the celebration.

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