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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 08, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Good Morning. It’s going to be a gloomy rainy day so I will sit here and drink coffee more than I should probably.

It’s warmer than the one we had this past week. I went north and the mountain was white with ice and frost and then as I got up over and down the other side it was like it was down here. Next morning just the tips had ice and looked like they had lights on them.

So nice to have warmer days, some days I had my door open till about 7.


Baseball is here. I got a call just before the PM bus run and couldn’t understand the person because there was so much noise. After asking “who is this is” and was about ready to hang up she says “it’s your granddaughter Brandi”. She was at Fenway Park. She said to turn on the TV because there’s an opening ceremony about to start. My run was short so I watched 15 or 20 minutes of it. It was great. They had the fire department, the widow of the fire fighter that was recently killed and they mentioned the shooting in Texas, they had people from the recent Boston bombing, etc. It was done so perfect. Then I got home to watch the rest of the game with Don and Jerry still announcing.

Oh yes the red sox visited the White House. You’d hardly know them in suits and ties and shaven etc. Big Papi gave Obama a #44 shirt. Then took a picture (selfie I guess) with his camera. They had a Red Sox Day in Bangor. They said with red hot dogs like they used at Fenway. I didn’t go but happen to have a couple for supper with mashed potato etc.


Can you believe there’s a scam to get money for the fire fighters family? A lot came from Maine. Fire departments are so close, they will look out for them.


Why would you take a one year oild on a sail boat. Let’s hope they can get to her, she’s very sick.


Have you got your moose permit in? There’s still time online I believe.


Is nearly here, April 20th. Do you hae your gifts for the kids? I would like to get a real bunny but wouldn’t go over very good if out doors, they’d eat the garden etc. I remember we always got new dresses for church.


These ads get me… a giraffe walking through a hotel getting a drink. He’s watching TV now on a balcony of the room. How do they do that?

Warm Weather

This warm weather should make the sap run. People haven’t got much yet. One parent told me it was really running on Friday.

I see the golf course in Brooks has plowed out. That’s another good sign. Even seeing some cloths hung outside.


Pioneer Women is making scallop potato. She uses a white sauce, ham, potato and onions. Sure looks good. I haven’t made any for ages. On all these shows they use a lot of foil. This show is on from 9:30 to 10:00 and then 10 to 10:30 on the food channel. Next is Trisha Yearwood, she’s down to earth cooking.

Remember these dates

On April 26th you can take back drugs etc. at the Belfast Police Dept. on Church St and at the Searsport Police Dept. on Union St. No liquids or needles. Get rid of those things if you’re done with them.


The Y in Belfast has older adult luncheons on April 29th, May 28th, and June 25th at 11:30 AM. Call 338-4598.

Flea Market

At the Brooks Grange on April 12th. Call Betty or Millie to rent a table. Lunch is available.

Changed to the Freedom Grange Hall

The following is a reminder sent out on behalf of the Keller family, that there will be a Celebration of Life/Birthday Remembrance for Tena Keller on Saturday, April 12, at 11:00 a.m. at the Freedom Grange Hall. Please come and join in the celebration.

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