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By Jordan M Bailey | May 19, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Good morning. It’s a rainy day but we need it to get gardens started, get hay a good start. Corn will be in soon and maybe some have planted already. A lot of gardens are plowed, some planted. I noticed Roscoe has a large one and some of it planted. Brother has his plowed. He, my sister and I have eaten parsnips, so now they are plowed under.


We’ve had a lot of fiddleheads that Robert has picked; he also sent some up to Shirley. Fiddleheads made me think of something I’ll never forget….my late husband (hooked up to oxygen) had a place on the Village Rd where he could pick some close to the car. He looked forward to picking them each year; it was one thing he could do. One year a person in Town went and picked them and made it known that they had gotten them, he was so upset for them to do this to him and he was heartbroken.

Mock Accident

They had a mock accident at Mount View yesterday. What a great thing for the kids to see exactly what can happen. There were ambulances from Brooks and Unity, a number of fire department trucks, Jaws of Life, a hearse, casket, wrecked car, a fire, someone pinned in the car. Chris was all wound up and told me all about it as I took him to Dixmont to meet Lisa who was taking him to Drivers Ed in Newport. We met her so he wouldn’t be late, there’s a fine if you are. Chris is on the Jackson fire department and was late today as he was on standby for a fire in Unity. His instructor was glad he was doing something like that and told him no fine. Chris also told Lisa all about the mock accident when she took him to Newport. I believe it’s going to leave a lasting impression.

Mount View

If you need seedlings the kids have a lot in the greenhouse that I can see as I drive by. Baseball and softball is underway, I don’t know wins and losses. As I went out back to get my students yesterday there was a little old lady in a lawn chair but no softball players, I hope she didn’t have the wrong day. Track had a bug meet this week, it was nice to see 3-4 different schools and so many students and our beautiful track. And its close by so people doesn’t have to walk a half mile to get to it.


Did you see where TN just passed a law or rule that all graduates from TN can go to college free in TN. They’re trying to keep them at home


Jordon Larrabee just celebrated her 2nd birthday in Knox. Lisa and Chris attended as did Becca, Mady and Hannah. I’m sure gram and grandpa Roberts and Aunt Katie attended too.

Phone Call/Graduation

Got a nice phone call form Ruth Rollins she lived in Jackson and lived where McAdams do long before we did. She had a visit from Candace Work and a friend and that she has her nursing degree. Nice going Candace, it’s a great profession. Good Luck!

Robert and Sharon have a granddaughter McKenzie Eldridge who graduated from high school in Jacksonville FL. Nice going McKenzie. Jeff and Laura have 2 other girls in college, Danielle is in nursing and not sure about Kelsey’s major and they have a son at home.


Aren’t they terrible in CA and some were set on purpose, what are people thinking of? I’ve’ often thought what good does it do to drop water from that little balloon on the bottom of a plane… well I’ve learned that they hold 900 gallons and the higher they are the more surface it hits.


The mine explosion in Turkey is so bad with hundreds trapped and dead – the poor families waiting outside.


Did you notice our flags are up thanks for the Jackson fire department.


Last weekend was great with salads, BBQ chicken, hotdogs, and Johnny and his granddaughters made homemade ice cream. It was the best I’ve ever eaten, sort of like dairy queen but smoother. To go with it, a birthday cake from Matt Weaver.


There was quite a celebration/memorial for firefighters, police and game wardens held last week who were killed in the line of duty, 83 honored.

Get together

On July 27th at Shirley and Leonard’s around 10 to 11 AM for a pot luck affair with a cookout, salads, and desserts. Please come and enjoy for 2-3 hours. If you’re not in the family you are all welcomed. Cal Lisa for more information. I will get a bunch of hotdogs…just bring what you like and we’ll all share. Then we’ll get together on Dec 7th at the Jackson Community Center instead of Anglers as it’s too crowed for 30 to 35 people. Hope to see you July 27th in Palmyra.

Memorial Weekend

I think there will be a lot of yard sales this weekend and I believe quite a few around town. We’re having one up across from Roberts and it’s also the first weekend that the Milk Room Farmstand will be open. The yard sale and farmstand will be going on all weekend. Farmstand hours are Saturday (May 24th) 10-4, Sunday 10-4 and Monday 11-4.

Also see you at 9:30 for the VA memorial get together at the Jackson Town Office/VA memorial. And then the Monroe parade and field day.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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