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By Dan West | Jul 07, 2014

By Beverly Ludden

Gee what a storm, could have been worse I guess. Oh by the way, yes you had read last week’s news before, it was a year old. Oh well, pushed the wrong button. Sorry, got two or three calls. So here are last weeks and a few notes from this week.


Did you watch the U.S. Soccer game with Brazil? There were so many people there from here, sad ending. What a goalie the U.S. had. They are really rough; I think it still isn’t done. One guy was bitten and another was hit in the spine and carried off, that’s kinda going overboard.


The Hartley girls Tori, Katie and Lila plus Cousin Sage went to visit Gram and Grampa Hartley in Orient. Sage came home with a pig she caught at the Houlton fair.

Mady is up at Fort Kent visiting her Grandparents Pelletier. Mum and Dad, Becca and AJ, and sissy have gone after her.

Ella is spending several days a week with Grampa Demmons this summer along with a couple of other cousins.


There were 31 present for the free senior’s dinner at the Varney last Tuesday, furnished by Ralphs Café. The next one is August 7th, what a nice thing for them to do. It was nice to see four ladies from Belfast there.


Goes to the family of Polly (Smith) Bagley, she went to school in Brooks with a lot of us. And to Cheryl Arute and family on the loss of her mother.


Got a call from Jessie Ginn in Florida concerning pictures she sent, taken when she was in the restaurant in Brooks. They should be here soon she thought and between Millie and I we could recognize most of them for Sue. Nice talking with you Jessie. She told me about the trailer park in Zephier Hills where she and Susie live plus others from there. Hello you folks from Jackson.

Summer School

Starts this week so study hard kids so you older ones can enjoy the rest of the summer. They all go only until noon.


Can you believe GMC has recalled 25 million cars, unreal seeing we bailed them out a few years ago.


Don’t sound good in Iraq; we are sending more of or people in there for whatever reason. If they’re going it’s because of the war, don’t care what they call it.

Good Weather

Supposed to start tomorrow so let’s hope people can finish their 4th of July celebrations, especially in Knox. Brooks got theirs in yesterday; it was a nice long parade. Not so many floats as there used to be years ago but no organizations like there used to be either I guess.

Hot Weather

There is more hot weather coming, hope you can keep fairly cool. The gardens and weeds will surely grow.

Last Week’s News

Good morning and what a nice day and weekend this is supposed to be with temps in the 80’s, which is hot enough for me. The heat will dry out gardens and flowers, Lisa usually comes up and waters mine down around the yard, I can do the ones on the deck.


Chris made his mother a raised bed for cukes, his favorite vegetable. They have tiny cukes on the plants they planted from seedlings. We both got a cherry tomato plants that are doing great plus my tomato planter (just hangs up) we put seedlings in is doing great too but don’t know if I should trim it or not.

Dean’s List

My beautiful granddaughter LeeAnn has made the Dean’s List again as she has several times in her town years at Husson. She should, she studies so hard.


Guess most baseball is over. Lisa and I met Brandi again for Kota’s game in Fairfield. How scary when he got hit by a line drive while pitching but after a few minutes was up and playing again. Nice going Kota, rest and enjoy your summer.

As far as the Red Sox go it’s just a ball game to watch, what’s going on with them?


What a nice crowd at Tanya Hubbard’s benefit at Mount View. A lot of friends saw each other after many years. I know a roommate of Tanya’s from college was there, a big surprise for Tanya. The raffle was a bit hit and there were so many nice things to try and win. Then the pie auction was a lot of fun especially the last pie, a huge chocolate cream, has several bidding (I bid too) and it ended up selling for $100.00. Waldo Vocational School made her a nice Adirondack chair, painted bright pink with her name on it. Thanks for making it a nice afternoon.


Robert, Mark and Chase went to Palmyra to visit Shirley and Leonard. Chase loves to go to the farm as has every kid in the family over the years has liked to do. Dana and his wife have 2 boys his age so they have a good time. Then Polly and I went up Thursday to meet Shirley at Walmart then we went to Anglers for lunch.

Speaking of Shirley and family, or whoever, don’t forget July 27thget together, probably around 11 or 12 as some go attend church. Let’s have lunch together and visit with her and the family. It’ll be pot luck and you can call Lisa on what to bring so we’ll have enough. I’ll get a bag of hot dogs and rolls, if you want other stuff please bring it. Dana and Robert I’m sure has a grill we can use. See ya there. Shirley’s looking forward to it. Kids bring your swim suits. P.S. While we were at Shirley’s her granddaughter stopped by, Hannah and husband live in Texas and was was heading back on Friday, nice to see her.


Quite a few from Town went to Laconia last weekend to the big motorcycle event.


I see where you can return any unused meds to the sheriff’s office week days from 8 to 4. Also Senior Appreciation Day is August 7th at Redman’s Hall in Belfast. Bingo, lunch, exhibits for seniors.


There was a horse show held at Larrabee field last weekend. They had a lot of younger folks attend (that’s good) and they stayed overnight, had a trail ride, bonfire, supper, breakfast, music and dancing and more.

Final thoughts

The days are 15 minutes and 36 seconds longer and hate to think that since the 21st they started getting shorter again. Scary, don’t know about you but I don’t want to think of it.

Enjoy the weather; don’t leave kids or pets in the car. There was one this week said the father forgot to drop the kids off at daycare.

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