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By Dan West | Jul 14, 2014

By Beverly Ludden


Good morning and it is a good one, farmers can really bale hay if it was down yesterday. I know Johnny plans on it and he and Robert have been at it.

They and Mark had quite a sight, they were in Roberts field and a large jet went over with 4 little ones (2 on each side) and then it came back. Maybe it went toward Bangor and then came back over. Lisa had called me to watch for them as she was at the end of the runway. Nothing on the news or paper.

July 4th

Hope yours was great. The parade in Brooks was great as I said last week. Don’t really like the young fellows on the hind wheels….if they ever lost control a lot of people could get hurt. We moved the kids back. They could just ride without taking a chance.

Lisa and I went out to dinner/supper, just us two. Then Sunday we met with Darcy and Rick and kids for supper as we’ve done on the 4th for 3 or 4 years. I understand the chicken catch in Brooks was a lot of fun. Beans and chicken went good. I guess a big line for French fries which are always a big hit. I didn’t attend (sorry) but the parking lot is a ways from the events. Sunday in Knox my great grandson Chris parked a truck sideways so Gram could be near the horse pulling and what a lot of pulling horses. I didn’t count but must have been 10 to 12. They didn’t come on the 4th because of the rain and don’t blame them. There were some beautiful horses. There will be more horse pulling on July 19th and 20th at Larrabee field in Knox.

BBQ chicken at noon was great and some of the best I ever had, had a lot of sauce. The pig scramble was a big hit and 3 chose to sell theirs. Jerry said the kids who got the money were really excited. Especially the one he gave $100 bill to. Yes pigs are expensive. I remember when on the farm they were $10 to $15, now their over $100. And, Johnny’s big pig isn’t going to have any piglets this year.


Lisa and I left Knox and went to Unity to drop off pictures to Darby and Cathy’s from the graduation party we went to over there. I forgot that all the Ludden families from CT always come to Maine over the 4th. I haven’t seen some of them for some time and we got some pictures of the 7 cousins together (been a while) plus many family ones and even some taken with Aunt Beverly. It was so nice to see them and get hugs from every one even the little ones. Then we came home after a long day. Lisa was going back to the party and fireworks but had helped with dinner and the pig scramble so she ended up staying in Jackson. LeeAnn and Eric went after she got home from work. Chris said he was on Grammies couch that night by 7. The kids had been helping since 5a.m. So hope your 4th was as nice as ours was.


My summer bus run takes me on the Bog road, oh my gosh I never see a road in Jackson like that. I don’t know what happened at the special town meeting but sure hope that road was the one to fix. I think I’d want to refuse to pay taxes until it was fixed. At least fill in the holes. Even with the rain it’s terrible and I drive slowly. UPDATE: Debbie tells me (info she got from the town office and the meeting minutes) that the town is working on getting someone to patch the Bog Rd and at the town’s Special Meeting those that attended passed an article for the Town to use $40,000 of surplus money to finish the Hadley Mill Rd and $5,000 of surplus money to put a roof on the library building behind the town office. According to the clerk there was only one person who attended the meeting that voted against using the surplus money. It’s also my understanding that this year the town has been bidding out the patching of our roads and there have been some issues with this but are working them out and they’ve bid out the actually paving portion of the work being done on the Hadley Mill Road. As I understand the board has not yet changed the status of the Road Commissioner position, which was approved at our regular town meeting, to the Board of Selectman.


Lisa and I were coming from Knox and we saw a baby deer that still had its spots by the overpass in Brooks with no mother anywhere hope he makes it.

Two Boys

I called Robert the other night and he was busy and having a good time with his grandsons, Blake and Chase. Then the boys went up the Allyn and Mark’s house for the night. Blake is here from Florida and is also going to basketball camp at Mount View.


Polly and Cheryl were in Belfast and rode up to Tall Pines and Carol Kenny was setting outside and Polly stopped and talked. Nice going Carol!

Rod Gray was at the Knox pulls and visited with folks in Jackson.

Border Problems

Did you see or hear that at least 170 kids are coming across the border each day. How are we going to care for them all?


So Ford is recalling cares like BMC is. Maybe a second hand car is the way to go. Maybe all the bad things would be taken care of.


Delbert and Ruth Dodge are leaving for Alaska this weekend with their grandson Dillon who just graduated from High School and plans to attend college in MA. How great – hope to hear more about the trip. Have fun and take a lot of pictures.

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