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By Dan West | Jul 29, 2014

By Beverly Ludden


Sorry about last week but I spent most of the weekend in Knox. What a nice weekend it was, nice horse pulling, oxen pulling, horse shows, BBQ and other events. There was a skillet throw too and I know of one son who beat his Dad…there may have been a bet involved. The garden tractor obstacle course was popular and a lot of people were watching. And with 71 kids signed up for the pig scramble I think everyone watched. I believe there were 10 kids who went home with a piggy and everyone wanted it keep the one they caught. I head one little girl who had hers up in her arms say “Dad we aren’t going to eat him.” It was so a nice day to help the Historical Society.

Town Meeting

I hope the Town Meeting went as you wanted. I heard that of those who attended 30+ only one voted against using the surplus money. Too bad we couldn’t have raised the funds for the library roof and then begin to put our towns history in part of that building as was originally planned. It would be so nice to have a place to showcase Jackson’s history. Oh well, I didn’t go and sounds like a lot of us didn’t so it is what it is.


Monday morning when I went on to Mount View I couldn’t help notice all the haying that had been done. Some in big bales and other fields were being tedded so the hay would dry. Way to go farmers.


The Harvest Home Grange is having a Baked Bean Supper on August 2nd from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m. Beans, hotdogs, coleslaw, rolls and gingerbread with cream.

Free Lunch

Don’t forget the free lunch at the Varney building in Brooks put on by Ralph’s Café for senior residents on August 5th from 11a.m. to 1p.m.

Looking Good

Gibbs Hardware Store and also the building bought by Cody Tibbett’s are sure looking nice. Good luck to you both.

Girls are here

Kelsey and McKenzie Eldridge have joined brother Blake and Mum Laura at St George Lake. They had a rough plan ride so I don’t think they will fly for a while. Blake is really enjoying baseball in Frankfort with his cousin Chase?

Happy Birthday

To Marge Larrabee who will soon be…oh gosh I forgot. Happy Birthday Marge. She is having her 90th celebration in Knox and she sure has a lot of relatives there. Gee Agnes had your name written down and then caught myself.

Good Luck

Good luck to my lovely daughter Lisa who has changed jobs. Oh she’s still nursing but is not at Cancer Care of Maine and has to be at work at 8 instead of 5 every morning. For years she left Jackson at 4 and I don’t there were many winter mornings that she didn’t go.


Debbie Ludden parents, Jack and Nita Macdonald are here visiting from Tucson Arizona. They’ve stopped by several times and she spent the night with them one night up to camp. They also went to breakfast with Gert and Darol one morning. It’s nice that they had a chance to come back home.


Did you see on T.V. the Vet whose wheelchair needed repair but couldn’t get the VA to fix it but a Lowes store had him bring it in and they completely repaired it, then VA offer him one. I don’t think it was in Maine, god I hope not. The stories we are hearing about VA hospitals is terrible but we’ll be the first to send billions of dollars to a foreign country to help them out. I don’t get it.

Nursing Home

Gee they are closing nursing homes because they can’t make a go of it. Lapage has given some to keep them going. There’s got to be a way to cut somewhere. I remember when I worked in one for 30+ years and a lot of them had no one.


Did you see Maine on the world news as a nice vacation state? We were one of the top states.

July Birthdays

Emma L, sister Shirley and Ruth E born the same year and their mothers were sisters. Also Roberta G, Doris D, Dennis R, nieces and nephew born same year Danielle E, Alyssa C, Matt L, Clayton L, Derik L, Jane M, Kathy C. Happy birthday Kathy. Kim G and many more. Happy Birthday to you all.


Do you watch baseball? The Red Sox are doing terrible. I watch NYY some (sorry Kurt) or any other game I can find. I love baseball. I’ve watched college ball and even softball. I don’t know if I’ve missed Little League Work Series or not. I hope not.


How’s your garden doing? Just ate a cucumber sandwich and beet greens that Debbie brought me. She’ll have the mailroom open when she’s not working but sure if you gave her a call she would get you what you need. Cukes, greens, zucchini, etc. They also have beef and eggs from a local farmer as well. She’s going to try and post of Facebook when she opens next.

Also the Marsh River Co-op is opening on August 1st down to Brooks in the old Paul’s Hardware building. It will be nice to have a place to shop that carries local foods, and other goods. Looking forward to that for sure.

If you are here on vacation or just want a good cookbook, Polly Dodge has cookbooks put together by the church. Her number is 722-4199.

Hope you have a good week. Call me with news, I like to know what’s happening so I can include it here.

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Posted by: Lyn Finley | Aug 11, 2014 18:44

Thanks Bev for the birthday wishes.  Sure do miss seeing ya, I'll have to get up there to visit you the next chance i get.  :)


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