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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 10, 2016

By Beverly Ludden


Good morning to all. Well, it's raining this morning and my T.V. won't work for some reason. So I guess I'll sit here and get the news finished just in case Lisa has a chance to type it up. I had been having some trouble with it, but this is something different. I know it's not the sateillite because I was watching T.V. in my bedroom this morning and that one was working fine. Oh well, hopefully Lisa can figure it out. I hope we can get it working before the Red Sox game tonight. I sure hope that they win. I watched the David Ortiz special on T.V. last night. He received so many wonderful gifts, everyone sure loves him. Lisa and I watched a game last week end. She came up and brought some of the smoked salmon that she had sent home from Alaska. "Oh my goodness," it was delicious. Later on the brother Robert called and invited us up for a boiled dinner. Another, "oh my goodness,'it was the best coned beef I think I have ever eaten.


Hasn't the hurricane devastation been terrible. I will take the snow anytime. We were wondering about neice Danyelle who lives in Jacksonville, FLA, and Uncle Rod who lives in Port Saint Lucie, FLA. Both of the areas were mentioned several times. Both of them put on facebook(according to LIsa) that they were okay. Danyelle had left early and went to stay with her sisters, Kelsey, and MacKynzie in Tallahasee. This is where they attend college.

I have been glued to the weathher channel watching about the hurricane.  So many areas in Florida, Gerorgia, and North Carolina have lost so much. There was  94 trailer trucks that were expected to be delivering supplies for all of the shelters. About 185 shelters all together in the 3 states. Red cross is helping out. There have been folks from the Red Cross of Maine who have traveled down south to lend a helping hand. It said on the news that 20 states have sent people to help out. They said on the news also, that there are scams going on in the hurricane areas that are trying to take advantage of people. In South Carolina alone 300 toads were closed and 10 bridges were closed. the was a section on I-95 that was closed down there. I-95 runs from the tip of Northern Maine down  to lower Florida. The death toll 11, several missing, over 2 million without electricity. Then there are the people that were stranded and needed to be rescued, even after they were told stay inside. I don't recall which state it was, but one of them were giving people a $500. fine if people were out and about for no good reason.

Brooks Grange

The Brooks Grange is having another Basket Beano fund raiser. It will be held on Ocober 23rd, the doors open at 11 a.m. and beano begins at 1p.m. Please bring a jacket or sweater, unfortunately the furnace has broken and is in need of repair. All of the proceeds will go toward a new furnace.

This and That

Sunday, October 16 is "Brown goods" day at the Jackson transfer station. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. (It may close earlier is the compactor truck is full). No tires allowed unless you have signed up ahead of time. For questions, please contact Brenda at the Jackson Town Office @ 722- 4015.

October 22nd, 9 - 11 a.m., there is a free rabies clinic at the Brooks Fire Department.

The annual Eldridge Christmas Celebration for family and friends, will be on December 18th this year at the Jackson Community Center. I realize it is really close to Christmas, but the 2 weekends before were completely booked. I am so glad to see that the Community Center is being rented. If we are able to find a place to have it earlier in the month we will keep you posted. It will be a potluck meal. If you decide to join us, please let Lisa know what you plan to bring. More information to come later.

The corn is all cut in the big fields on the Dodge Road. There has also been another farm that has been hauling corn down Route7. Robert found out that it was coming down 7 from Plymouth. The huge blue water tower in the distance is where the fields are. He said there are huge fields out back of Sweetser on Route 7.  The corn is going to the Whitcomb Farm in Waldo.


…to Edna Mitchell on her retiring from the Liberty Ambulance Service. After so many years of listening to my scanner, I will sure miss her voicealways being the first one to answer on a call. Best Wishes Edna.


Brother Robert was sitting in the shed door at his place, and a beautiful red pickup went by. In the back of it stood a (stuffed) black bear, it was a good sized one. What an eye catcher. Earlier in the week, a car stopped down by the "Milk Room," and Robert checked with them to see if they needed something. They said that they were from Alabama, and they come to Maine every year, and they were taking pictures.

Marsh River Theater

The Bare Truth Project, established in 2011, is a photo exhibit sharing "the reality behind the Pink Ribbon" and showcases strong women surviving breast cancer and baring their scars. We are collaborating with the Marsh River Theater and their latest play, "Love, Loss and What I Wore" (based on a book by Ilene Beckerman) to begin a Memorial Endowment Fund at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer for Tanya Hubbard (one of the original Bare Truth models) and Kathleen Schiessl, who both recently lost their courageous battles with this evil disease. The above information was gathered from the Go Fund Me page-Tanya & Kathleen - Endowment LFCC,  this page was established for those folks from away that can not attend the event, who would like to make a donation.

The play "Love, Loss and What I Wore," will be October 14,15,21,&22 at 7:30 p.m. The opening night, the 14th will benefit the LFCC. Tickets for the opening night show include a post show cocktail hour.

To reserve tickets call the Box Office at 722-4110.


I am heading up to AJ and Becca's for a family get-together to celebrate my birthday. I told them there was no need of it, because I don't need a party at my age. I am going to get the best birthday present ever on October 12th. I can't wait!!

Have a good week.

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