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By Carolyn Zachary | Mar 20, 2017


By Beverly Ludden

It is Saturday morning as I sit here, drinking my coffee and writing up the news. It looks so nice outside. My thermometer says 40 degrees. It has definitely warmed up quite a bit since the last time I looked at it. It is great that it has warmed up for the folks that enjoy doing outdoor activities. It was so cold a few days ago, you wasn’t able to stay outside very long due to the wind chill factor being so low.


What a storm we had. At least we didn’t lose the power this time. I was ready even if it had gone out. I had water drawn, plenty of food and a kerosene heater ready to go. CMP had 25,000 out at one time. The news said that there was 6,000 flights canceled due to the storm. AJ came up and plowed me out.

The girls wanted to come in and check in on Great-Grams booboo. They showed me the booboos that they had. Then they started running up and down the hallway. They took a snack home for later.

Then later on in the day, I had my supper delivered. Lisa made corn chowder, she makes the best. The schools have had a lot of snow days this year. I believe they said the majority of schools have missed eight days. Some of the schools are changing their in-service days into regular school days to make up the days. Other schools are talking about going to school on Saturdays or adding an hour on to each day.

March birthdays

Happy birthday to the following family members that I have on my calendar: my son Jeff, great-granddaughter Hannah, nephew Chase, nephew Logan, niece Allyn, cousin Judy, brother in-law Gerry.


I would like to send my deepest sympathies to Colleen Tibbetts and her family on the recent sudden death of her husband, father, and grandfather Maynard Tibbetts. Maynard was a real good friend of the family, and such a warm-hearted soul. I always got a hug from Maynard whenever I would see him. He and Colleen would come to a lot of our family functions. He also loved it when the family would join him and Colleen at their camp up in Carol Plantation. We will all miss you, Maynard; rest in peace.

Next I want to send my deepest sympathies out to my cousin Bobbie Riley’s family and friends. Bobbie and I spent a lot of time together, she used to come to the farm, and I used to go to Brooks to visit her. Back in the day that was a big thing to go to Brooks, to stay the night. We had so much fun at Grammie and Grampa Dodge’s when most of the family came every Sunday. Bobbie and I would go for walks and talk like teenage girls used to do. Bobbie was so good to my mother when she was at Tall Pines. Rest in peace, Bobbie. You will finally be with your husband Walter, that you have spoken of for many years.

Lastly, I want to send sympathy out to Priscilla Peabody and Harold Tibbetts on the recent passing of their Uncle Westly Tibbetts. He went to school with a bunch of us older folks.


Did anyone see that Maine uses more fuel than most of the states? I couldn’t believe that Alaska is way down on the list. They must really have to bank and insulate their homes. It was said that there were 200 trucks out on the streets keeping the streets open in Wahington, D.C. Last year we had 39 inches of snow for the season. I wondered how much we have gotten so far this year.


On Saturday, April 1, there is a benefit supper for Clayton and Noni Larrabee. It is being held at the Mount View High School cafeteria. All proceeds will go directly to Clayton and Noni.

Please call me with any news that you may have, 722-3450.

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