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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 10, 2017


By Beverly Ludden

I hope everyone had a nice week.


We are so lucky to live where we do. As I said last week, it sure ended up being really bad for Florida. I have several relatives in Florida: Rod and Sharon are in Port St. Lucie, Robert’s home in Zephyrhills, my great neice Danyelle in Jacksonville, Kelsey and Mckynzie are in Tallahassee. Jeff and Laura who now live in Chicago had planned to go to Jacksonville for a wedding, but decided against. Debbie also has family in Florida, who she texted and they were boarding things up. I am sure many of you also either know someone or have family in Florida, I hope all are safe and sound.

Labor Day

The local Olive Garden restaurants in Bangor and Augusta area served lunch to folks that were working on Labor Day. The Augusta location served the Police and EMS departments, and Bangor served the nurses at St. Joseph’s hospital. What a wonderful thing to do, I am sure it was very much appreciated.

Speaking of Labor Day, many of us older folks were thinking of the Jackson Fair. Lisa and I was talking about when the last fair was (she was labeling an old picture of my Dad that was taken at the fair). From what we can figure out it right around 1987 or 1988. When I was talking to Shirley the weekend before Labor Day she had mentioned the Fair, as did Marlene, and Robert and I talked about it. I remember way back when we would get up really early on Labor Day, get the chores done and rush down to the hall and get things started. When the day time activities were finished we would return home and again do chores, and then return to the hall for the annual Labor Day dance. The following day we would get up and go to work, or school. Those sure were the good ole days.


Leonard and Shirley were in town for a visit. They have been wanting to go up to the lower place and see Johnny and Debbie’s place. Shirley wanted to see where the house was where our mother was born. They really enjoyed seeing it all.

Passy Pete

There was an article in last week’s paper about the lobster named “Passy Pete” in Belfast, who has predicted 6 more weeks of summer. This is the third annual ceremony which was inspired by the Groundhog Day ceremony. According to last week’s arcticle, it said that last year 4 days after his prediction, the temperature hit 89 degrees, and the average high for month was 76 degrees. I sure hope he is right. I am in no hurry for summer to be over.

Hurricane update

As I finish writing this up, the news was telling that over 30,000 sand bags had been filled, they ran out of sand bags so they started using pillow cases.  Thursday evening on the news, it said that over 1000 flights had been cancelled. There were people that wanted to leave Florida. It is terrible seeing all of the buildings either gone or completely ruined, there is no food, no gas, and no water. There are many that will return to their homes again, even though this may have happened to them before. I can’t even imagine what folks go through getting ready for a hurricane, and then dealing with the aftermath. Best of luck to everyone and I hope everyone stays safe.


I want to say hello and thank you to Debbie from Palmyra, for ready the journal and helping Shirley out so much. I know she really enjoys it when you sit and have a cup of tea and chat with her.

Class reunion

I received a call from Maureen McCormick Haley who attended Mt. View. She also worked there with my late sister Lucille in the high school office at Mt. View. She called asking if I would put an announcement in the town news. The Mount View High School Class of 1977 is having its 40th reunion on October 7th from 5pm-8pm at the Thorndike Town Office, located at 125 Mt.View Road, Thorndike. It will be $15 per person, which will include soup, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, cake and beverages. Please RSVP at: careynolds@fairpoint.net and mail a check to Cathy Murphy Reynolds, 115 Poor Mill Road, Morrill, ME 04952. For questions, feel free to call Cathy at 207-342-5753. Please join our Facebook page for more information and updates at Mount View High School Class of 1977 Reunion.

Multi-family yard sale

Location: 1212 Moosehead Trail, Jackson, on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24th, from 8 am – 3 pm.  (Rain date the following weekend).

Please give me a call with any news you would like put in the column. 722-3450.


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