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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 07, 2017


By Beverly Ludden

I hope everyone has had a nice couple of weeks. I apologize for missing last week, the days seem to fly by.


From what I hear the Common Ground Fair was a huge hit. It is pretty amazing that so many folks attend a fair which is held in such a small community as Unity. It was said that there was several thousand people that attended. From what I understand, some of the local schools that have taken the students to the fair in the past, chose not to this year. I remember when they used to take bus loads full of students to the fair.


What a nice picture of my great niece Morgan Curtis in the journal a couple of weeks ago. I had looked through the sports page and didn’t even recognize her. Lisa ended up pointing the picture out to me. Keep up the good work running Morgan!

Fall sports

Mount View sports are well underway for the fall season. The varsity boys’ soccer team is doing very well. I saw where the football team won over Orono. George Hale had predicted the win when he did the gridiron predictions. I really enjoy watching his predictions and then seeing how well it turns out. He is usually really close on his predictions. If you are interested in them He is on Channel 5 on Friday evenings.

National anthem

What a mess it has been over some of the football teams not standing during the playing of out “National Anthem.” It is horrible that this is happening. What is this showing the younger generation about respecting our country? Our flag and all of those who serve our country past and present? Playing on a football team is their job. Whether they believe they should stand or not, the playing of the National Anthem is part of the football game, and standing to honor our country, flag and soldiers is part of that job. When I was in the work force, even if I disagreed with one of the rules of the job, I still did it. It was part of my job. Standing for the National Anthem is part of their job! I am thankful that the baseball teams haven’t started this whole thing of not standing for the National Anthem. Everyone can believe what they believe in. Just something to think about, when the National Anthem is playing is this the appropriate time to “disrespect” the flag, our soldiers and our wonderful country that we are so lucky to live in? I think not.

School house

Well the final one-room school house in Jackson has been torn down. The Snow school house that was located on the corner of the Hatch and Dodge roads. I have seen a picture of it with the teacher (who was my Dad’s sister) and several kids standing out in front of it. If I remember correctly the majority of the kids were either from the Dodge or the Ricker families. I remember my mother telling about going to high school in Brooks. My grandfather (Del Dodge) used to take her to Brooks on Monday mornings by horse and buggy, and then go back and pick her up on Friday afternoons. She boarded with a family there in Brooks during the week. While I was sitting here thinking about the school house, I wrote down the number of school houses that there were in Jackson. I called and spoke to sister Shirley, and she remembered there being a school on the Hadley Mill Road. I then gave Marlene and Clifford a call to see how many schools they could come up with. We both came up with the same number: one on the Littlefield Road, one on Route 7 by the cemetery, one in Jackson village, the Jackson Corner School House (also known as the coon club), and lastly the Snow school house. Marlene looked up in a book that she had, and in 1878, there were 10 schools in Jackson, which included 1 high school. There were 169 students that attended.


How did everyone’s garden do this year? Is all your canning and freezing completed and the potatoes and carrots dug? Brother Robert brought me down a huge pail of freshly dug potatoes. LeeAnn and Eric’s garden did very well. Robert and Chase went apple picking and made 48 pints of applesauce. Robert has the best little gadget for making applesauce. Once you have washed the apples, you cut them into quarters, then put them into a kettle on the stove and cook until they are soft. Once they have cooled slightly, scoop into the gadget. This separates the peelings, seeds, and core from the actual applesauce. There are 2 shoots, one the applesauce comes out from, and the second one is where the peels etc. come out. It makes the best applesauce and it freezes really well. Sister Shirley has been busy making homemade tomato juice and spaghetti sauce. I told her that spaghetti sauce was not that expensive in the store, I am sure the store bought does not taste half as good as Shirley’s.


The local news has been talking a lot about local libraries, and how a lot of folks in the communities are not aware that the libraries even exist. We have one here in Jackson in a building out behind the fire house/town office. The town of Brooks also has one that is located in the upstairs of the town office.


There will be a basket beano held on October 15th, at the Brooks Grange. Doors open up at 11, come and have lunch, and then beano will start at 1. The Brooks Grange is on route 7 north of Brooks Village.


Laurie and Nancy Kragh recently returned from a vacation to visit cousins in Wyoming and Montana. They visited Devils Tower in Wyoming, Dead Wood, Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park in South Dakota. In Montana they visited the museum of the Rockies, Yellow Stone State Park, Head Waters of the Greatest River State Park, Jefferson, Madison and Galation rivers merge into the Missouri River, and the Lewis and Clark Caverns. My cousin Connie and husband Dick have mule deer and antelope walking all over their yard andytime of the day! They had a wonderful time, but were glad to get back to Jackson, Maine.

Yard Sale

On Route 7 in Jackson 1 and a half miles north of the Jackson Church. Look for the signs, October 14-15 from 8-4.

Call me with any news you would like to share – 722-3450.

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