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By Carolyn Zachary | Dec 02, 2017


By Beverly Ludden

What a busy time of year. I apologize for not getting the news in last week.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.


I want to share a little note that I had jotted down before Thanksgiving. On the local news they said that between Dysart’s, Frank’s Bakery and Govenor’s Restaurant, they made approximately 150,000 pies all together. That is unreal.

Speaking of pies, also before Thanksgiving, there was a bake sale/craft fair in Palmyra, and my sister Shirley had made a couple of pies to donate. Leonard went to deliver them, and he barely got through the door when two of the ladies grabbed the pies, as they had already run out. They asked if Shirley happened to have anymore that they could sell. Leonard went home and Shirley had just enough for their Thanksgiving there at home. Funny how people buy the pies instead of making them nowadays. Again, everyone is so darn busy.

Thanksgiving Day news

My nephew Jeff, wife Laura and son Blake travelled to Florida to spend the holiday with their three daughters. They also visited with some of their friends while they were there and went to see Laura’s brother and his family. Jeff also gave Robert a call Thanksgiving night.

Robert, Allyn and Chase went and had Thanksgiving dinner with Chase’s Aunt Mary and family. Robert said it was a great meal. Shirley and Leonard had dinner at home with the family. Polly and Diane had Thanksgiving also at home. Flint, Heidie, and the boys, and Jerry and Sandy Whitcomb also joined them. Aj, Becca and the girls went to Dee, Adam and Parker’s the weekend following to celebrate the holiday. They were also joined by Dave and Joyce who came down from Wallagrass.

Chris, LeeAnn and Eric went to Knox, to Chris and LeeAnn’s grandparents’ for Thanksgiving dinner. LeeAnn and Eric later went to Eric’s folks’ to have Thanksgiving supper with them, and Amy and Kurt.

Brooks Varney Thanksgiving

What a fabulous dinner that was put on by the Brooks Church folks, Ralph’s Café and all of the helpers. Thank you to all who chipped in to help. The dinner was free to everyone; you could donate money if you wanted. You could also bring food to share but you didn’t have to. There was about 80 people there, and 12 of them were from Jackson.

Debbie, Michelle, Lisa and I went. What a fun time, great food, great company, and a great time. There were even takeout boxes available if you wanted to take food home. Thank you to all who helped make this celebration a huge success!

It is not too late to share your Thanksgiving news. Just give me a call at 722-3450.

Week 2


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than a month away. Lisa has wrapped up a few of my gifts. While she was wrapping the other day, I was talking to Shirley and she was also going through her Christmas presents. Speaking of Christmas presents, if you are looking for a nice gift for a lady, we still have Jackson Church Cookbooks available. If you are interested in purchasing one, give Polly a call at 722-4199.

Busy time of year

As I am finishing writing up the news, Lisa is finishing a hat that I started for a gift. Unfortunately, I am having an awful hard time seeing it so she had to finish it for me. Now I know what my mother must have gone through being not able to see for all of those years.

Knox tree lighting

The annual tree lighting was held in Knox last night. Ben, Buster brought Santa in on the wagon. Chris said that they made about 14 trips around the field giving people wagon rides. Saturday night Ben, Buster and everyone went to Bangor to the Parade of Lights to haul Santa in the parade. It sure is a lot of work, but they always look so nice.

Christmas trees

Have you put up your tree yet? Aj, Becca and the girls were going to get theirs today. Lisa said they were awful excited to go get it. LeeAnn, Eric and Ranger plan to go and get theirs tomorrow at Piper Mountain.

Speaking of Piper Mountain, Robert, Allyn and Chase went there the day after Thanksgiving to purchase a wreath to send to Jeff and family. He said that the place was packed. He had an awful time finding a parking place.

Everyone have a nice week. I’m sure everyone will be busy Christmas shopping and wrapping presents between working and all of your regular activities. I have all of my shopping done. Thank goodness for QVC and mail order shopping.

Lisa and LeeAnn are planning a day to come and wrap the presents for me. The only thing that I have left to do is the calendars. I buy blank calendars and put pictures that I have taken over the years on them. I make them for the kids and grandkids.

Call me with any news — 722-3450.


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