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By Carolyn Zachary | Apr 15, 2018


By Beverly Ludden

I apologize that there was no news in last week. There wasn’t much to report. I have quite a few notes that I have written down; I hope I’m not repeating anything.


As I am putting this all together, Pat tells me that it is 46 degrees outside. It seems as though we have waited a long while this spring for it to warm up. When Pat left today, she left the door open so to let in the nice fresh air.


My grand- and great-granddaughter, Brandi and Scout, stopped by for a visit this past week. Scout is such a cutie. She crawled right up in the chair with me. She doesn't stay very long, as she is a busy little girl. It was such a nice visit.

Family gathering

We had a family gathering at AJ and Becca's a couple of weekends ago. We had a few snacks and visited. It was such a great time. Becca made her famous chili dip that everyone really enjoys. Thank you to everyone who put the gathering together. It was nice visiting with everyone.

Easter eggs

They sure do hide the Easter eggs a lot differently nowadays. Years ago when I did the hiding of the eggs it was pretty boring compared to the ways that many folks so it now. Here are a few ways they were telling about on the morning news shows: hide the eggs in the snow, water, and even "planting" jelly beans with the kids the day before Easter, and then before the kids awaken on Easter morning, replace the jelly beans with same flavor lollipop. What neat ideas.

Full moon

The moon sure was full and orange this past week. As it was first coming up, the orange hew was so bright it looked like there might be a fire down toward Jackson Village. Then as time passed, it seemed to be moving. For a minute I wondered if it could be the satellite that was being talked about on the news that might hit the U.S. Then I realized once it came up into my full view that it was the full moon. It sure was pretty once I realized it was the moon and not something else.

Red Sox

Baseball season is finally back. I had just finally gotten my sleep cycle back on track, after staying up all hours of the night watching the winter Olympics. Now I will be staying up late watching the Red Sox. Oh well, I have time to catch up my sleep when the Red Sox aren't on.


I just received notice that my brother-in-law Gerry Ludden passed away. He was my late husband Jr.'s brother. Gerry was one of 10 children of the late Bertha and Albert Ludden. Gerry and his late wife Judy raised four wonderful children in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. I want to send my sincerest condolences out to Duane, Kim, Glenn and Garrett and their families, and to the extended family and friends of Gerry. May you rest in peace, Gerry. You will truly be missed.

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