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By Carolyn Zachary | Jun 10, 2018


By Beverly Ludden


I hope everyone had a nice week. It sure has been a chilly one. It was odd to have to run the furnace the first week of June. It sounds like it is supposed to warm up in the next few weeks.

Get well

I was informed that the oldest citizen in town, Virginia W., was admitted to a Bangor hospital. Get well soon, Gin. Secondly is Nancy K. She was in a Portland hospital but was recently transferred to Harbor Hill in Belfast. Get well soon, Nancy.


Chase W. is in a play at the Belfast Masters Theater in Belfast. Mike S. from Ralph’s Café is the director. It is a musical. From what I am told it is going to be really good.


If you are out and about and want to go for a ride and grab a bite to eat, go to Etna and check out the Etna Village Variety Store. Debbie L. works at the Town Office there in Etna. She has brought me home food from there several times. It has always been delicious. It is owned by Debbie Ryan who used to live in Brooks village. Hopefully, on Lisa's vacation, we can go over and have breakfast or lunch.


It was so good to talk to Shirley Nason the other day. She was calling to see how my sister Shirley was doing. It was so nice for her to check in on her.

School baseball and softball is about over. I never heard who was playing. I know of a couple of kids who played. Ella Horton (my great-granddaughter) played in junior high, also the Hanks girls. Bernie D. played junior high baseball, I believe his brothers Theo and Chris played high school baseball. I hope more kids start getting involved in the sports programs. It is something that you will always remember.


The volcanoes in Hawaii are absolutely horrible. The lava that is running down from the volcanoes is horrible. There isn't a thing anyone can do to stop it. I will definitely take the snowstorms, and the black flies any day compared to that damn lava.


I saw on the news this past week that there is a lot of training going on to attempt to prepare the school teachers and staff for a potential shooting. It is hard to believe these shooting are happening, but since they are we need to be prepared and protect ourselves and our kids.

Free fishing weekend

A couple of weekends ago, there was a free fishing weekend for people of all ages. No license was needed. I hope a lot of folks took advantage of it.


Time sure is flying by. My great-granddaughter Ella H. went to her first dance. She went with her friend Madison, who is a student at Belfast.

I hope everyone has a nice week, and hopefully it will warm up soon. Take care and be well. Call me with any news that you may have: 722-3450.


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