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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 09, 2018


By Beverly Ludden


Well hello everyone, I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. Lisa wasn't able to get the news typed up in time to get it in last week.

Ralph's Café

On Lisa's last day off she took Polly and me to Ralph's for breakfast. We hadn't been there in a long time. It was so nice to see everyone and chat. We were there quite a while talking with everyone, Mike, Sue, Millie and Jessie. As usual, Millie and I talked about the Red Sox. We brought home a couple of their delicious glazed donuts for later on. Thanks for a great breakfast as usual, Frank.

When we left there, we took a ride and went up the Littlefield Road and Underpass Road and back home again. What a nice morning.


I received a nice call from Nancy K. the other day. She is doing well and is back to driving. It was so nice to hear from you, Nancy.


There was a lot on the television about the passing away of John McCain. I thought it was very nice. There was a lot of folks that liked him.


Congratulations to Ranger and Aunt Amy for doing so well at Dock Dogs in Southern Maine a few weeks ago. Lisa showed me the video of you two, also of you posing for a picture in the car. Good job!


I recently heard on the news that there is another nursing home closing. That is horrible. Most of the residents love it where they are and it is their home. I remember when I worked as a CNA, there were many folks that didn't go with (or have any) family during holidays. These folks would enjoy being with their friends. Many of the residents became very close.

Police department

There was a police department here in Maine (I can't see my notes to find out where), they donated a bunch of backpacks that were filled with school supplies to the kids in their area. What a great thing to do!


School has started and is in full-swing, sports and everything is going on. There is even talk about snow days already. We don't need to think about snow days already, do we? I can't believe that I have two great-granddaughters in school, Ella is in seventh grade and Madyson is in first. I'm getting older all the time.

Windsor Fair

I always enjoyed the Windsor Fair when I used to go. It was always so nice and clean. Everyone always said that it was bittersweet when it was time for the fair, because it always meant that school would be starting soon and winter would follow shortly after that.

Little League

The Little League World Series ended. The U.S. won over South Korea. They all do so well, and what a great experience for them all to be involved in the series.

Piscataquis Valley Fair

This fair is in Dover Foxcroft. It took place a couple of weeks ago; it was well attended by Jackson folks. Aj and Becca and the girls took their camper and went up and camped near the horse pullers. He is friends with "the Libbys" who pull horses. Robert thought it was quite a sight to see all of the campers lined up, and how they set things up and the spread of food, etc. Madyson and Hannah had fun riding on the drag behind one of the teams, and they also rode on one.


My brother-in-law Leonard keeps track of daylight hours. We have already lost two hours of daylight ever since the days started to get shorter. He also keeps track of the amount of rainfall.

That is all I have for this week. Please give me a call if you have any news: 722-3450.


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