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By Jordan M Bailey | Mar 17, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Snow Storm

What a storm, of course no school but LeeAnn had to go to work at EMMC, Becca at WCGH plus I could have a new great granddaughter any time and Eric had to go to Orono. Thank god it was Lisa’s day off so after it was all over she started to plow (she put it on the night before). Chris was in Knox helping Gramp. She came up here and cleaned the snow off my van and yard after doing her, which isn’t the smallest. I had no TV for nearly 24 hours (I got to read some of both magazine’s I subscribe to, True Grit and Maine Senior’s) and I could see Lisa out the window as she backed up the truck and climbed on top of it to clean off my dish. Now I have TV, what a daughter! The deck is all cleared and salted accept for where I’d thrown out some boxes. Why would I do that…now they’re frozen to the deck. Then she went to get Polly out. According to the TV we’ve had 33 storms this season.

Friday back to school was so pretty, white and clean and heard no troubles with buses and the birch trees were so pretty especially down to Brooks by Bob Curtis’s and others.


LeeAnn is working and Lisa, Chris and I were up early and had to be at Vocational School at 6 for Chris Bennett and Chris Larrabee to meet the instructor to go to Portland (then Lisa and I went so Matt could cook us breakfast) where they are in a competition at ME Marine Trouble Shooting Competition at the Portland Yacht Club with 8-10 other schools on small engine repair. Our kids got outboard motors to find the trouble and start and did great. Third, Fourth and Fifth were one point apart. They got a nice plaque, lunch and Chris was excited about all the boats, some were huge. Chris didn’t ride home with us and said what fun they had with his instructor.


Lisa and I got there last. What a place. None could tell us where the boat yard was. Chris was calling; he needed his book his mother told him to take with him. They were nice to let us in with the truck to get the book in to Chris and it was closer for me. They were shuttling people in building that was 500 feet long or more. Gram and Gramp Larrabee and his Dad, Lisa and I went to support them as did Chris Bennett’s family. Nice job boys proud of you!


We were supposed to be at Darci and Ricks for supper to see their new home and to honor Lucille’s’ birthday that was in February. We had a nice supper and what a nice home. Chris took his snowmobile to give kids a ride. Darci had called and said supper at 4 but we were late after Chris loaded his sled and Lisa getting crick pot in truck etc. Kept in touch with LeeAnn coming from work, Darci called to see if were lost as we tend to miss the turn. So those there were Dave and Denise Lindahl, Greg and Julie Stearns, Kathy Cunningham, Tanya Hubbard, our family and the Curtis’s. Us ladies all sat at the table and discussed funny events about Lucille. Chris and Ryan really enjoyed the snowmobile and Morgan got Dad to give her a ride. It was a nice evening even though it rained all the way home.


To Kevin and Annette Ricker who were married on Saturday at the home of his Dad by Rev Liz Sullivan!

Jackson Town Meeting

Debbie finished her term and Jim Dickson was voted in as Selectman. Good luck to the new board.

Flea Market

At Brooks Grange April 12 from 9:00 to 1:00. If you want a table call Betty at 722-3294 or Millie at 722-3448. Lunch available.

Notice from Jackson Book Club


At the last meeting of the book club, we enjoyed discussing Thomas Keneally's "Daughters of Mars", a tribute to the nurses of Australia during WW I. The Jackson Book Club will again meet on Wednesday, April 2nd to discuss "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt. This is an amazing book - according to Amazon, "The Goldfinch is a rarity that comes along perhaps half a dozen times per decade, a smartly written literary novel that connects with the heart as well as the mind…". It is being discussed by the makers of "Hunger Games" as a possible upcoming movie. I encourage all book lovers to come and discuss this book.

Since we will also be selecting a book for our next meeting, your input is welcome. Also, for your information, it is possible to request books via interlibrary loan from the Belfast Library, or Bangor Public Library, which has no fee for a library card! And we do welcome new members.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our location, the Jackson book club is located at the Jackson Town Library, across from the transfer station and behind the Fire House on Route 7. Hope to see you there -

This and That

The center piece given to me by Arthur and Maudeen the first of December is still green.

LeeAnn, Eric, Chris, and Kim went to Knox to help their Dad celebrate his birthday.

Been watching cooking channel. Trisha Yearwood had biscuits with Chocolate sauce, said always their Sunday menu plus.

Preseason baseball is on, great. One team was part of St Lucie, FL. I wondered if Rod Gray ever goes, that’s where he lives.

I have talked to Robert several times. He says its ice down there. He’s resting and enjoying himself. He’s seen several Maine plates in door yards. Stay awhile, you need to rest a long time before you can plow your garden and dig us some parsnips. He and I are the only ones who eat them, I think.

Time for QVC channel. So many say they watch every Sunday so I’m not the only one.

Have a good week. Time for a cup of coffee and finish journal. I always read John Piotti column (great John) and almost done with Tom Seymour on trees. I remember for school Jr and Jeff, I believe, had a large board all finished with a one inch piece of so many trees. Like a lot of stuff, where’d it go? There were so many things I couldn’t keep.

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