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By Dan West | Apr 14, 2014

By Beverly Ludden


Gee spring is finally here with all the signs I’ve seen this week on the bus. They’ve trimmed the apple trees in Dixmont and the Herefords are down near Mount View. I’m watching for babies. The robins are everywhere and saw a field of seagulls all white over in Knox. Saw a pond of water in a field in Monroe that had probably 50 ducks in it one morning. One goose I’ll keep watching. She’s coming from across the road at the same time so will be watching for goslings. I’ve been watching for pussy willows and finally on Friday I saw one little bunch. Oh yes, some cloths on the cloths lines.

Happy spring!


To Jim and Shirley and family on the terrible death of their son, Jim. He was a very nice and caring you man as was seen at the wake and funeral. He was liked by many and will be sorely missed.


Eric Macdonald visited Johnny and Debbie this week. Deb’s brother is a pilot for Delta and flies out of Detroit, Mich.


Seems I always call sister Shirley when they are eating, but I called to tell her I had talked to our brother and this time they were having a birthday party for my nephew Dana. Happy Birthday! Dana, his wife and parents, and his sons were there. One of his sons came over Saturday with Dana’s granddaughter so Shirley had a house full which she loves as she doesn’t get out that often.

Memorial Day

Plan to be with us at the next Memorial at the VA Memorial down to the town office. I believe it starts at 9 a.m., but I will check. Brooks American Legion will be there, then you can go to Monroe for their parade and BBQ chicken and those homemade pies. You can still get a stepping stone for a Veteran. Marlene has the forms. There are many of them down there, see you there.

Like Donuts

Go to Ralph’s Café on Thursday’s. Frank makes donuts, glazed and others. The glazed brought back memories when I put together some at night, then fry them I the morning for workers on #2 chicken house, for Jr., Richard, Roger etc. Haven’t made any since the 1960’s.

This and That

75,000 ton of chicken nuggets recalled because they found pieces of plastic in them.

Dancing with the Stars is on, but we don’t like it like the other years. I watch it anyway.

It’s great that Bath Iron Works just christened the big destroyer and others are to come.

They’re finally rescued, the family going around the world in a sailboat with the very sick baby. They sank their boat.

According to the news the Cinderella Project, where girls get prom dresses, is going great. Reny’s has some too, I know one girl who got hers there. Can’t wait to see it, Lisa and LeeAnn saw it on Facebook or whatever. Nice going Kim!

I hope you have a nice Easter and enjoy the family. Ella and I color eggs. I hard boil them, peel them, then we color and use for stuffed eggs. I hope Mady will help us this year.

Gotta watch Rachel Ray. She is cooking meals for one week. She gets all her ingredients for those meals in to one shopping bag (a canvas one). Then it’s Pioneer Women. Love these cooking shows. What do I want for breakfast? Lisa is working so we won’t go out, did once this week anyhow for Polly’s birthday. Lisa, Debbie, Polly and I went down to Weavers Roadside Variety. Mark joined us too. Of course we came home with some goodies!

Happy Easter!

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