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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 21, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Good Morning

Happy Easter! I haven’t been out but looks like a great day. Having my first cup of coffee, have a load of cloths in, eggs to boil out to room temperature, and I have things together for salad and what I want to take up to Debbie’s. Gee I didn’t change my camera batteries. Better do that I guess.

It was a nice day yesterday; Chris borrowed Uncle Roberts’s high pressure washer and added bleach and Dawn and got all the mold off my garage and trailer. It looks better. He did his moms house on Friday and it looks new again. He took off all the banking off etc. I said I’m leaving mine on both ends only to let air through but Lisa said no. She bought a new rake and just started to rake in front of my garage and it broke, not the handle the rake itself.

Let’s hope it warms up. I watched the Red Sox in Chicago and the crowd was in winter coats and gloves. The players had some kind of hoods under their caps and they kept blowing in their hands to warm them. That morning I was up before 5:30, turned on the scanner and they were fighting a fire already and it was so cold with the wind blowing. Of course they’d done it in some places many times all winter long.


Goes to the family of Albert Shute who ran a dairy farm in Brooks for many years.


So many sad things have happened… the school bus hit by a struck, the avalanche at Mt Everest and still so many missing. I guess I wonder why they were even up there but it was their thing I guess. And there’s the ferry accident in Korea that had so many kids on it. Those poor parents, it gets to you to see so many still missing.

What a great write up on Jimmy Curtis III in the Bangor Daily. I don’t take it but sister Shirley sent it to me.

Heard a good report on the get together for Tina Keller in Freedom. We talked to her granddaughter. Sorry we couldn’t be there, Lisa had to go to work that day.


Flint, Heidi, Forest and Hunter Dodge were at Polly’s last weekend with a cake for her birthday which they all enjoyed...

Bumped into

Lisa and I were in Belfast on business and ran into Nancy and Reggie Rhodes (I worked with Nancy years ago). I haven’t seen them in forever. We had a short but good talk. Hang in the there Reg.

Canoe Race

Did you watch the canoe race in Bangor? The water was high and it had to be so cold. Scary to see them turn over. I think they said 700 signed up. Must have been people with around 400 boats and canoes.


Two eight year old girls from Waterville raised $20,000 (4 years of food) to buy food for the school food pantry and Ellen had them on her show and gave them another check for $20,000 to buy even more healthy, good food. They were so excited to get the help but to see Ellen too.

Prince George

They are having such a time about Kate and William’s baby cause they are letting him be a baby. They are at daycares and a zoo today. He’s patting a big live bunny, why not… They carry him like we would and he’s kicking and laughing etc.


And it’s here. I’ve seen a lot of turkeys. Once crossed the road to visit John Ford (just made it) between me and a car going north. There are a lot of pussy willows now. Some green grass, Polly has flowers up next to the house and she and Doris heard peepers. Debbie said she’s going to transplant some seedlings she’s started for her garden. I’m watching for the tarp to be taken off the Country View Golf Club sign.

Hope you had a nice Easter. A lot of people are travelling here and there, we’re lucky to have family so close by.

P.S. Just got home from Johnny and Debbie’s, what a dinner. AJ, Becca, Mady, Hannah, Michelle, Shane, Ella, Lisa, Chris, LeeAnn, Eric, Polly and I. Lisa made the little girls an Easter cake out of cupcakes. Looked just like an Easter Bunny, so cute. The kids had fun riding one of the horses, Mady and Ella didn’t want to get off. Then the day ended with a bonfire of limbs Johnny and Chris piled up from the pasture!

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