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By Jordan M Bailey | May 12, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Happy Mother’s Day and what a beautiful day it is!


Got a call from LeeAnn to come down for breakfast with her, Lisa, and Chris. Plus she had pancakes with a candle for Lisa’s birthday, which we celebrated Lisa and Chris birthday by going out to supper last night. Lisa, Eric, Chris and I met LeeAnn after she got done work. She got to Olive Garden before we did and she called or texted or whatever that there was an hour and a half wait. We told her to wait and keep our spot in line and we’d look around for another place to go. Texas Road House had a 15 minute wait (ever been there?) they have a saddle on a saw horse to ride on your birthday so Chris did. Waiters are singing and dancing etc.

Earlier this week

Lisa, LeeAnn and I went up to have cup of coffee with Debbie on her birthday. She made us egg and sausage sandwiches all out of homemade biscuits that Mady, LeeAnn and Debbie made. Her biscuits are great. What a birthday ha!!


Got a txt from Brandi that the State had been at the nursing home where she is the Director of Nursing. I guess they came in for 2-3 days to see if they can find anything wrong with the facility and care. I think she has 70+ patients and 60+employees. I understand that overall they came out with flying colors. Congratulations, Brandi, Gram is so proud of you, we all are!!

May 9

May 9th Lucille had been gone 4 years. A week never goes by we don’t think of her, especially when Mady is a typical 2-year old and AJ or Becca say, “Madison Lucille”. It gets her attention.


Lisa and I had a nice visit with Shirley, Dana, Karly and Leonard this week while we waited for Chris to be done driver’s Ed.


Did you see the mock accident at Ellsworth High School? They did it from the accident to the funeral to court. What a thing but it seemed to get to the kids. They should do this at every school. Some adults need it also that I know of.

Out to Lunch

Joyce Davis was in Jackson and took Polly Dodge and Doris Dodge to lunch in Newport. She was nice to me when I was at Harbor Hill and stopped by to see if I needed anything.

Phone Call

Got a call from Clairene Mollison… what a nice chat we had about now and then.


How are you turkey hunters doing? I haven’t seen many and I know Chris and Eric to out on Saturdays.


Did you know 1 of 3 people 65 and over fall each year? People 85 and older are 10 to 15 times more likely to fall and break a hip than 60 to 65 year olds. Be careful, I plan to.


Is so crazy. Hot today and tomorrow then colder the rest of the week. It’s snowing in Colorado. But leaves and flowers are coming out. Daffodils are so pretty, love to see them where there are no houses. Between Baileyville and Webb road there are some that are all by themselves.

Clean Car

LeeAnn just brought back my car and she’s cleaned it. She also did her mother’s truck. What a nice mother’s day present.


Gotta get making a salad for a cookout. Johnny is having his first cookout for mothers in the family, Debbie, Lisa, Michelle, Becca, Polly and I AND the rest of the family.

Been asked

Anyone out there who does light spring cleaning and house work?

College Grads

Congratulations to all the college grads, what a lot of them. Where will they all get jobs? There aren’t any now. My nephew Robert has a stepson who graduated from UMO. I know my sister Shirley made a cake and she and Leonard are going to a party for him.


Mark your calendar to attend JACKSON’S MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION on Monday May 26, 2014 at the Jackson Veterans Memorial Grounds at 9:30AM on Moosehead Trail in Jackson (Town office complex) 9:30 AM is the AMERICAN LEGION PRESENTATION. Anyone interested in releasing a balloon in memory or in honor of our servicemen please attend, you do not have to be from Jackson to come and celebrate. Red balloons will be for those who have given their lives representing the blood of the soldiers. White balloons will be in honor of those still with us and have served. Blue balloons will be for the soldiers who are still serving for our country. Guests of honor are Chaplin Warren Doersam and Mike Thibodeau

JCC Fundraiser

I understand the Jackson Food Panty is holding another benefit dance for the JCC, at the JCC. Dance to Don Nickerson and the Country Mist on May 17th from 7:30-11:30, $10.00 per person, BYOB (must have proper ID). Call Cindy for reservations.

Jackson Learning Center and Historical Society

Don’t forget….the Jackson Learning Center & Historical Society PLANT - BAKED GOODS - BOOK SALE on Sunday, May 18 from 8 am to 1 pm at the "Library," rain or shine! For more information please call Louise at 722-3445.

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