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By Jordan M Bailey | May 23, 2014

by Beverly Ludden


Deb called and said news had to be in early – I don’t have many notes so it’ll be short. I’m sure some will say that’s good but I get a lot of comments from a lot of people who like to read it so here we go…


A guy from Patten used some of his daughters’ college money to buy a stone for a vet and flags for graves up in Patten. A few years ago he got some help but not much anymore so to buy flags after this year is about done. I thought it was a rule that Towns had to put flags on vet grave sites but I may be wrong.


Lisa and I went to Shirley’s for supper while waiting for Chris. We had some homemade hamburger stew, homemade yeast bread and molasses cookies. We had a good visit with her, Leonard and Dana. He came in from working on their garden.


Lisa went shopping for memorial piece while I was in Waterville. She got 8 pieces and then I forgot a lot that I do in Brooks. I do for a nice old lady in Belfast on her daughters’ lot but I have one now. I jotted down those I’d like to do and there were 24. I have a lot of aunts and uncles. Hope the Town Corner Cemetery gets mowed. I remember years ago Dad and I did it with a regular mower.


I had a visit from my cousin Linda Rood from Augusta. She was here to put things in the cemetery.


Even though Lisa had weekends off, last weekend she went to Bangor Saturday to a co-workers daughter’s reception. Sunday she went to another co-workers daughter’s graduation from college and LeeAnn went with her. (They made a center piece that looked like a BBQ grill with fruit kabobs cooking on it…nice job!)


LeeAnn filled my bird feeder and I have a pair of grosbeaks. I think that’s what they are, I have to call Polly and find out for sure.

Brown Goods Day

I had a lot of stuff that needed to go to the transfer station last week but we didn’t’ get things down because Lisa was busy. They had a lot going on down there anyway from what I understand there was a bunch of people collecting and selling stuff for the library and food pantry while people were bring their garbage. Lisa was busy anyway, my garage is a mess and we may just get a dumpster.


Had a show on beavers, they’ve always fascinated me. It was great, I just happened to run into it. Sorry to say I don’t watch that channel much. One of my students and I look forward to a road in Monroe each morning to see what the beavers have done there. I remember a few years ago, some got into the pond on Dodge road. The boys, Larry I think, would unplug the culvert and the next morning when went through on the bus it was across the road.


Have fun with your garden, a lot are plowed now. It’s time to put in flowers. It’s not too early. Lisa and I went to the greenhouse over to Monroe. They have a lot of plants. I hope we get some sun soon to keep things growing. Watch temp at night, I have flowers on the deck that Debbie and Johnny gave me, some from LeeAnn too. I would hate for them to get frost. I understand the bugs are terrible so get spray before you go out. I also want warm dry weather because Lisa got me paint for the garage door and trim.

Have a good week

I usually write Sat and Sun morning as I watch my favorite cooking shows. One of them has a lady on a farm and she uses old things and starts with an apron like my mother used to wear and her older tools like her colander is all chipped. She has a wooden chopper bowl and the chopper is shaped like a half moon with a handle on the top and other things that are very interesting. I like Trisha Yearwood on Saturday too along with Pioneer Woman on Sunday and Rachel Raye who gets meals ready for the next five days. Enough of that but if you’re interested it’s on the cooking channel 231. (Direct TV).

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