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By Jordan M Bailey | Jun 23, 2014

by Beverly Ludden

Good morning. Gee it feels like fall. I couldn’t believe it when I went out to start the van. I should have known because Lisa, Brand and I were in Fairfield to watch Kota play ball with the all-stars. They won over Madison and wasn’t it cold over there. Kota’s dad, Kurt, is one of the coaches. They play again tonight but early and Lisa is working so we will go tomorrow, I hope.

Father’s Day breakfast

We had Father's Day breakfast at AJ and Becca’s. What a meal! We had four different breakfast casseroles/quiches, homemade cinnamon buns and fruit. Present was Johnny, Debbie, Lisa, Polly and I and of course Mady and Hannah.


Polly, Doris and I attended basket bingo in Monroe. They had some nice baskets full off goodies but none came back to Jackson. This was a fundraiser to send children to camp. It was nice to see so many old friends: Gertrude, Carolyn, Muriel, Ellen, Marion and more.

Good Shepard

They had a great food drive at Hannaford’s, enough to make 88,000 meals. Can that be right? That’s what I wrote down.


Gee, it doesn’t sound good or look good. We get out of one and right back in to another.

Busy in Brooks

This week was busy in Brooks as they were fixing the wall at the Kilgore Building and putting in new pumps at JP’s. And it was busy across the tracks at Gibbs Hardware.

Blue Jay

My blue jay is now pecking on my back door, sounds like someone knocking. The first couple of times I went to look. He’s still at my bedroom window on the AC, and then here in the living room I’ve tried to scare him away but it does no good.

July Fourth

There are two celebrations this year to go to: the usual one in Brooks with different events after the parade, and the one in Knox at Larrabee’s with the usual horse pulling and horse show. Both have chicken barbecues. Then July 19 and 20 there will be another fun day in Knox for the Historical Society.


I’m sure many in the area went to see Brad Paisley. I know Katie Roberts did because I saw her on TV. Then Willie Nelson was last night, I read about him in my Seniors Magazine.

RSU staff

Well, kids, school is over and I hope you have a nice summer. Be careful and find a job if you want one. I see on TV the oldest Obama girl is working (not that she has to I’m sure) and her mother said both parents had to work so she needed to as well. Polly and I were at Ralph's (doughnut day) and about 30 or more RSU3 staff were there for breakfast. I don’t know exactly but many spoke my name when I came in.

Rain/ Sun

Is hay growing with the rain? One day it’s in the 80’s for a couple of days and then it rains. So many flower gardens look great. My sister’s family, her son Dana’s, has filled 10 or so tubs, they’re tall blue ones from the barn, so she can plant things from her wheel chair. She’s so excited to be able to do it, also easier for Leonard. How thoughtful.

Jackson Library update

Additional library hours

Starting on Wednesday, June 25 the library will be open for additional hours. The new time slots will be Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. and starting on June 28, Saturdays from 9 a.m. - noon. The normally scheduled hours (when the Town Office is open and on Sunday during transfer station hours) will remain the same. For more info contact Louise at 722-3445.

Children's story time

The free Children's Story Time at the Jackson Library on Friday mornings at 10 a.m., will start the season off on July 11 and continue until August 22. All are welcome. For more info or to help volunteer for Story Time please call Jo Cooley at 722-3362. See you at the library.


A shower of sorts will be held at the Varney building at 4:30 p.m. on June 28 for Adam Hall and family who lost everything in a terrible fire. She and her baby were lucky to get out of the burning building. Adam grew up in Brooks and is a very nice guy. He always sent me a card when Chamber Singers went on a trip as I took them on many concerts. I think it’s great he is from this area where people care about the people who grew up in the area and may not live here anymore.

Also there’s a barbecue at the Thorndike Town office on June 28 at 4:30 p.m. for Tammy Leeman who is fighting cancer. She went to Mount View with Lisa and others.

Then Marge Larrabee will celebrate her 95th birthday August 3 at the farm. Send cards to 8 Oakes Road in Knox. You see her at so many things.

Have a good week and call me for news or something you’d like to see in here. With school done I won’t see so much.

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