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By Carolyn Zachary | Aug 18, 2014

By Beverly Ludden

Good Sunday morning. Where do I start, I have so many notes over the week…

Brooks Celebration

What a day it was in Brooks yesterday with the celebration of all the new stores etc. Be it JP’s remodel, Gibbs Hardware, Marsh River Co-op, Cody’s Motley Cycle, Heidi’s Hair Salon, the DJ. What a thing it is that people can do this kind of get together with the Town of Brooks. That’s the way it should be (reminds me of the way it used to be) and is so nice to see. There was a lot of Jackson folks involved in the celebration too. Good luck Cody, Ed, and others.

Polly and I went down in the evening to listen to music and watch people dancing and having fun, then the fireworks. I never saw anything like it. There was a steady stream and probably went on for nearly a ½ hour or more. The Town and the Booster Club should be proud; they sure said “welcome to Brooks” to the new people. Would love to see the Clark house all fixed up and used. I have always thought what a nice assisted living place it would be. If I win a big lottery I will find out about it but I gotta buy a ticket first, right?

Happy 80th Birthday

To Joanne Wilcox held at Sue Champa’s beautiful home on Veteran’s Highway. What a nice turnout and all the food including several cakes, one made by Alex was so cute. Her family was here from Florida and Texas. They were all waiting at the entrance of the house to welcome folks. So nice to see her children that I haven’t seen for a long, long time. It was a total surprise for Joanne’s who was come to a party for Frank Champa.


Was also a Bradford reunion in Knox at Larrabee Field. I haven’t seen LeeAnn or Chris but I’m sure it went well.


They were showing Staples on T.V. and all the school supplies. There are a lot required. I think back many years ago, 60 or 70, and all we had were pencils. I’m sure kids are anxious about clothes and getting stuff for college. I know LeeAnn has changed her major and has now been accepted to 3 or 4 different schools. Now she is deciding which one to go to while also considering her job up to Bangor at the hospital.

Mud Run

Lisa took Chris, LeeAnn and Eric to the mud run in Lewiston last weekend. They said there were 269 trucks registered. They had a good time. The kids were going to the truck pulls in Skowhegan with their dad last night.


Must be about done now, Chase just got done at Camp Forest. He had a great time. I think it’s his last camp this summer; he’s been a busy guy all summer long.


Have you had a chance to watch any of the Little League World Series? There have been as many as 4 games a day. They do so good and the girl pitcher who pitched a no hitter, she’s been in the news etc., she pitches again today and can’t wait. And Bangor has been busy with the Senior League but I think they may be all done. Then Red Sox, oh gosh, maybe if they shaved they would do better. Seems they’ve won 2 or 3 since some have shaved.


Gee it’s rainy and Debbie is going to open the Milk House today as she has the day off. Her veggies and beef are inside. She has some books too. Give her a call anytime and she’ll work with you to get you what you need.


I know some are going out to lunch today to celebrate Becca and Eric’s birthday. Happy Birthday folks, love you. I’ll be home watching Little League!


Mark Weaver stopped by this week and we had a nice visit. He said Matt is now making donuts and he’s been down helping him. He also has a special on BBQ ribs in Friday night. We have got to go down and they them as ribs are a favorite in the family. I see in the Journal he was voted “Best of” as bread maker and bakery, it was interesting to read about the winners. Mark and Robert were going to a Shrine supper in Belfast that night. Steve was picking them up and I’m sure they had a nice time as Robert said there would be Shriners from everywhere there that night.

Debbie spent the afternoon/evening with her parents Juanita and Jack Macdonald and her brother Eric and his wife Monica out in Stetson on the lake just before her parents returned to Tucson Arizona. Her brother and his wife have a camp up there and they spend a lot of time here in Maine as they like to get away from the busy life they have as pilot and flight attendant for Delta Airlines out of Detroit Michigan where they are based and live.


Did you see the big moon or whatever they called it? Johnny called me to go out and look at it. He and Debbie were at the lower place (so called from years ago and the place where my mother was born) and now Heritage Farm since they bought it. But I couldn’t see it because of the trees. I almost went up but decided I’d better not. It would have been cute if I went off the road because of an animal and ended up in the corn field late at night. They say they’ll be another on Sept 9th.

Gee here I am on page 5 of my legal pad but I still have 2 or 3 more things to comment on…


What an awful thing regarding the shooting of the teenager and the riots they have had since then where more are just going to get hurt. They have a curfew now in Baltimore for kids 18 and under and the time (anywhere from 9PM to 11PM) depends on their age. Makes you wonder if a curfew is needed everywhere…


Hope this is correct as I got a call last year that something hadn’t been correct…but the Future RSU3 are having a fundraiser Golf Tournament at the Country View Golf Club in Brooks on September 16th.

Water Buffalo

Did you know there are Water Buffalo in Appleton? Not buffalo, water buffalo, they showed them on T.V.

Have a good week and call me or Deb with news or coming events.

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