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By Sarah Reynolds | Sep 21, 2012

By Beverly Ludden


Jackson Town News


Gee, was it chilly this morning. I did give in and turned up my furnace just long enough for a shower, then back down thinking, "I wonder how much oil I used?" It's terrible we have to worry about how much oil we use and lights we have on.

Happy birthday

Ella Ludden celebrated her sixth birthday at her new home. First thing she asked her mum, Michelle, when they bought it was if she could have her birthday party there. Besides Mum and Shane was Great-Gram Ludden, Gramp and Nana Johnny and Debbie, Uncle AJ and Aunt Becky, Cousin Maddy, Aunt Lisa, LeeAnn, Eric and Chris, Shane's family and other friends. A cookout was enjoyed, including a soccer cake made by Aunt Lisa.


I was asked the other day if I knew what and where I was when the 9/11 attacks happened. I sat and thought I had just got home on the bus, sat down with a cup of coffee and turned on the TV when the first one hit. I called Myrtie at Brooks to get her TV on, and Lucille at Mount View to do the same, then I headed to Brooks for some reason to be near friends, as Bub and Joanne were who I thought of. Number two went off just as Joanne and I turned on the TV in her office.

70th anniversary

Wasn't it nice coverage of Cliff and Phyllis in the Journal, and also the Bangor Daily News?


Several have asked me what "L.S." was on school calendar. I know it was "late start," but did not know whether it was one hour or two. I asked the principal in Monroe, and he said it was two. So if your child usually leaves at 7, he'll leave at 9. There is also supposed to be a late bus from Mount View at 5:30, but I'm not sure if it's started or not.

And I guess Chicago is finally going to school Monday after being on strike. Gee, the kids have missed so much already, they said it was hard on the parents. No place for the kids to go, and there were two more meals that had to be provided at home each day for those on school breakfast and lunch programs.


Ha, they've started cutting corn. I went by a field, and did it ever smell good.

Wrong message

It just came on TV (Sunday p.m.) that there will be no school in Chicago Monday. The teachers' union or whatever are on strike. Sorry, I can't feel bad. They made so damn much money, anyhow. It's the kids I feel for. Especially the younger ones who want to see their friends, wear their new clothes, use their school supplies.

Phone call

I had a phone call from a former coworker at T.P.'s, Donna Bean, to see if I knew anyone who needed home health care. We had a nice visit.


Goes to the family of Charlotte Whildes.

Also to the family of Royce Littlefield this week. Royce had always lived in Jackson, as had his family. They lived in Jackson village for some time, then he and Alva moved to the old home place on Littlefield Road.


My gosh, it is raining. Knew it was going to, but not this early. I think the wind is supposed to blow up to 40 mph.

Not much left to write. Did have breakfast at Bowens (try it) with Kim and Brandi today before an eye appointment.

Sanborn Pond

Yesterday it was so pretty, not a ripple on it, trees are turning, scenery was just beautiful. Now today was calm but fog was a ways above. It looked so different. There was a lady with a camera taking pictures. She was in a bad place -- oil truck, school bus, other cars going by, I love to take pictures, but no thanks in that spot.


Have a nice week. Get news to me. My cell phone every 10 minutes makes a noise like an alarm. No grandkids to figure it out, because I sure can't. See it's really raining, I can hear it hitting my air conditioner.

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