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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 15, 2012

By Beverly Ludden


I couldn't sleep in on Sunday morning, as many say they do on weekends. It looks cloudy; I thought was going to be a good day.

Craft fairs

Polly and I went to crafts fairs at the grange and the church in Brooks. The grange had about eight or 10 tables plus a beautiful quilt, which I understand Carol Kenney won. It will keep her comfortable after her surgery next week. Good luck, Carol.

The grange also had a food table. I got one loaf of bread and wish I'd gotten more, because the first one is all gone. They had macaroni and cheese for lunch. I saw them putting in the cheese.

The church had a lot of tables, a big raffle, an evergreen table, a quilt, crafts and food. We had a nice time at both fairs.


Well, did the election turn out as you wanted? I hope so. If they'd all work together, instead of worrying about who's a Republican and who's a Democrat, it would help. It's been getting bad for many years, not just the last four. In Jackson, 264 people voted.

Veterans' Day

There was a celebration in many places for the veterans. A lot of restaurants gave them a free breakfast, plus some towns had a breakfast or lunch. One of the schools (I can't remember which one) had 10 veterans come in and talk about their military experiences. What a history lesson! Just seeing pictures of vets leaving and coming home, cemeteries, funerals and other military occasions sure gets to me.

In trouble

Gee, RSU 19 is sure in trouble and have cut sports, jobs, etc. because of a few votes. Now those kids will be in downtown Newport getting in trouble instead of at practice or a ballgame. Let's hope they come up with something and we in RSU 3 don't get in the same trouble.


Aren't we lucky! Most of us stay in the area for Thanksgiving, or even Christmas. Plane fare is terrible, but I guess if you always travel for the holidays, it wouldn't be the same if you didn't.

Hope you have a good one, be careful. They said there will be 43-plus million people traveling by car, train and plane. Aren't you glad your relatives live close?

Hurricane Sandy

The poor people in New York and New Jersey! Some of them still have no lights or even no home to go to. Some don't have jobs or money. A lot of people are helping, passing out food, diapers, etc. Then you have these mostly young people camping out for days to see a movie, and in New York waiting to be a star and sing a song. We older people don't understand. Why aren't they in New York or New Jersey helping these poor people? A lot of us older ones would like to help if we could. It costs to sleep on the street. They could use the money to buy things the hurricane victims needs, rather than what they are buying. I guess we older ones don't understand.


Did you see the women who are part of the flying team, the Thunderbirds? What a thing!


So the windmill power project  has been stopped in another area; 14 windmills.

Visit from my brother

Robert stopped by after going to Palmyra to visit our sister Shirley. Her son and his wife are moving in and making an apartment upstairs. He and Lisa put on a water filter to catch sand. I have a terrible time, the filter in the house fills up.

Food harvest

What a ting to get people together and see all the different foods raised in Maine and the stuff made from it. As they said on TV, there was a big crowd. They had something similar at Mount View. I saw the sign.


This is getting out of hand. There are "predators" they call them. It seems this has been trouble ever since it started, with accidents and people harming girls especially. So why not outlaw it or something? Because parents now can't trust their kids. Modern stuff -- forget it, let's go back.

Channel 5

There were two questions on Channel 5 this week: Should sports be cut to save money, and should hospital rooms be private.


Check your fire alarms. Gosh, there have been so many bad fires here in Maine. Channel 2 just reported on the man who was killed trying to rescue his kids from a fire.

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