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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 23, 2012

By Beverly Ludden


There's nothing on TV but football -- what a stupid game -- so I'll start my column. Polly and I just got back from the Thanksgiving supper they had at the Brooks grange. Oh my gosh, what a meal! Bill and Paul go ahead with it, and the two of them really can cook. Betty and Cindy were helping them, and what a crowd! Tables were about full. Polly and I got to sit and talk to Pony and Honey, as we usually do.You can rent the hall for parties, etc. I'm not sure what the price is, $40 sort of sticks in my mind, plus a deposit that you get back. Please don't quote me, I could be wrong.

They had four or five basket raffles, which were a big hit. Guess what? I won one, and Polly won two. I hope we win at Dixmont.

They had probably 10 turkeys and the food was all cooked right there. There were probably eight or 10 women in the kitchen, all working together. They sure prove more than one woman can work in the kitchen. There were a lot of crafts.

Sandy's victims

I was thinking about how so many people were eating at the Brooks grange, and most of them knew each other. We were talking about the poor people in New York and New Jersey. A lot of them sure won't have had a Thanksgiving dinner. if only we could get dinner for four or five families here. We used to have cots, blankets etc.


Many of us attended the baby shower for Jen Tibbetts and Cate. She received a lot of gifts. One was sponsorship of an African child. They had a picture of the child also. What an idea! Jenna and Cate's grandmothers were there, plus a lot of guests. A necklace was made with charms people brought (I forgot, but will get one to you, Jenna). The shower was given by Irene Tibbets and Shannon Hustus.


There wasn't much to watch, so i turned to the RFD Channel. One show was a tractor show, with 964 tractors, all around a race track. Another was an auction of Angus bulls. One of the bulls went for $17,000. Can you imagine it? There's always something on that channel, 345.


Sympathy to the family of Scott Bailey, who was one of the first physician's assistants at A.J.M.C. My late husband and I were on the committee to hire him. He enjoyed people in our area. I used to see him at Tall Pines when he was there to see patients. He'd always ask me about someone up this way. He was a very nice person.


Last week when I mentioned the Wright place, it should have been "Larway place," not the "Larrabee place."


Are you a Twinkies person, Wonder Bread, etc.? Let's hope you don't work for them. When they close, 18,000 people will lose their jobs in all their plants. I guess there's a little hope for the Hostess Company. Let's hope so, so these people can get a check through Christmas.

RSU 19

RSU 19 is doing all it can to keep things as they were by raising money. They had a big music concert to raise money. Music has always been a big thing. When my nephew Dana was in school there, he was a drummer in three different bands. I remember I took Mother to the Civic Center in Bangor to see his band. I attended a lot of concerts in Newport.

This and that

Gee, I found a minor-league baseball game on TV the other night.

Did you see the train that hit a truck carrying veterans? How terrible.

I saw something about cyber bullying. How awful for kids to do this.

If you lose your luggage, after a while it is put up for auction.


They raised 2,500 turkeys on Channel 5. Where do they get them? But I think we had 65,000 chickens, so it's possible.

A few ideas to save

Turn the heat down when you go to work and bed.

Shut the bedroom door if you're not going in until evening.

Close the shades at night.

Wash laundry in cold water.

Turn the head down in the evening and give everyone a blanket.

Close the registers in rooms you don't use.

I bank my trailer with half-inch insulation, then plastic.

I have an insulated curtain over a door I don't use (but can get out easily).

I have my dryer vented inside (why send the heat outside?).

You can put plastic outside or inside of windows for insulation.

My light switch is near the entrance door, and I put two pillows from my couch at the bottom of the door.

Let's think about electricity shutoff after showering. There's plenty of hot water to do the dishes.

When baking, cook two or three things at once.

Cook a large kettle of soup for two meals.

Make a big batch of potatoes, used mashed, sliced, etc.

I hope this gives you some ideas. We've all got to save, haven't we?

I hope Thanksgiving was great. We got by without snow, but that's OK, isn't it? I remember Dad and I always went and got the sheep on Hadley Mill Road with a dump cart and horse to get them in the barn before lambing time. We had an area where we used hay just for a place for them.


I see that they are going to stop some of the cheer leading tricks. It says they are more dangerous than any sort. In case you haven't seen any lately, their routines aren't just on the floor; some of the cheerleaders are tossed in the air, two or three girls high. I heard that several have been permanently injured.


On TV they have been showing people getting their turkeys in Bangor at school, I think it was one of the private ones. Each child had a turkey plus the rest of dinner in a bag to be sure everyone had one.


It must be really cold. My scanner is busy with accidents on slippery roads. I gotta get me a new one, only half the channels work. I really enjoy it.

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