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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 29, 2012

By Beverly Ludden



Well, are you all turkey-ed out? Or are you like my sister Shirley, who is so conservative her turkey lasts forever? We have it on Thanksgiving, then a sandwich for supper, the next day hot turkey sandwiches, then a turkey pie with leftover turkey gravy, peas, carrots, etc. Just top it with biscuits, then put what's left in a kettle, boil it and save the broth and all the pieces of turkey for a soup  now, or freeze it for later.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Johnny and Debbie's. Also there were AJ, Becca and Mady, Michelle, Ella and Shane and Lisa, Polly and I. LeeAnn, Chris and Eric came later with the Larrabees. Ella had her mom call to see if I was doing eggs. She has helped me with stuffed eggs since she's been little. But she helped me with dip in a loaf of bread. Mady watched and sampled the bread that was removed from the loaf.

Polly went last weekend for dinner at the home of her grandson and his wife, Chad and Nichol Dodge, in Swanville. She joined their son and his family, Flint, Heidi, Hunter and Forest.

Allyn and Mark Weaver and Chase had as guests Robert and Sharon Eldridge and Mark's daughter, Katie, her husband and three sons.

Harold and Irene Tibbetts went to Freedom with the Overlock family, as did Shannon and Jackson. Then they went with the Hustus family. Cate and Jeanna went with  her mom and grandmother in Liberty, I believe.

I hope that's right, as Harold filled me in the last day of school.

I also talked to Kurt and Brandi. She'd worked at Harbor Hill to help the residents  have a nice day. She said many of them don't see anyone.

I also talked to my sister Shirley and brother Robert, then I called Ora Dickey, a dear friend from Tall Pines, to tell her Lisa had fixed an arrangement for her daughter's lot in Brooks, as I always do.


Lisa, LeeAnn and I went to Shirley's on Tuesday to help cut and hem some new curtains she bought, as she is re-doing her living room. We got one done and up, and cut and pinned the other one. I called her Wednesday morning, as I do about every day, at 10 a.m. She had already made three pies, a couple loaves of banana bread, and had yeast rolls rising. Of course, this was all after a breakfast of pancakes. And she does it all from her wheelchair! When I told her I was still in my chair with my coffee and night clothes on, her comment was, "Beverly, get going!" She did the other curtain.

Helping others

How about all the people who gave up their Thanksgiving dinner to served dinner to others? In Bangor there was a dinner for 200; in Hermon, 100; in Guilford, 100. Oakland High School served about 1,000 dinners, 300 of which went to homes. They cooked 30 turkeys. This was for everyone who wanted to be with people. What a thing for communities to be together. One fire department served dinner to the firemen and their families so they could be together.

And the veterans with no home after coming back from military service -- what's wrong with this country? On TV they showed soldiers serving in Afghanistan having a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

Black Friday

Then how about "black Friday"? Can you picture yourself -- I'm sure you younger ones can. Lisa and LeeAnn went, but to where they knew what they wanted. It was interesting on TV. I even saw a baby in a stroller -- that's too much. I have a lot done. Lisa helped me sort out what's in the crib where I toss things when I buy them. There were some things from last year's Mount View craft fair. I'll finish my shopping from catalogs or QVC. Maybe I'll make a couple of short trips to Walmart.

Football predictor

Did you see that they put a turkey in a pen with food on top of a Patriots' helmet and a Jets' helmet? For years, the turkey has taken the food from the helmet of the team that won the game, as it did again this year.

More Thanksgiving

Since I'm on a Thanksgiving kick, here's more news from my brother Robert. My nephew Jeff's wife, Laura, in Florida is way up in Girl Scouts as a leader of many troops. She and quite a few others went camping for Thanksgiving. They took their cooked turkey and all the fixings. They've done it for many  years, I understand.

Beverly Hartley of Orient spent Thanksgiving with her son, Henry, his wife, Ann, and their four daughters. She also visited her daughter, April, and family, and got her deer while she was there.

I heard on TV about a grandfather who volunteers to serve Thanksgiving dinner each year with his two teenage granddaughters from Massachusetts, then they have their dinner later.

They just showed a story about a teenage boy who volunteers doing community work like painting town buildings. They also showed him in a nursing home, where he does all kinds of things, including giving the residents hugs they love. He is also a junior fireman. What a guy!

On TV they are telling about all the people traveling today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They said 43 million people are heading home from the long weekend; 90 percent of them by car, 3 million by plane. Some people took an extra day and will go home Monday. The weather doesn't look good -- snow and fog, which is what caused a 100-vehicle crash in California.

This and that

Oregon raises the most Christmas trees in the nation; Maine is 14th -- hard to believe.

White meat is better, the dark is more fatty.

Did you hear about the female veteran who came home to Jay after being wounded?

Irving Oil gave fuel to a family with sick kids so they could get to Boston.

Now it's time to get out the Christmas decorations, the tree, the cards, etc. I got my first card. As always, thanks, Thelma.

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