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By Sarah Reynolds | Dec 07, 2012

By Beverly Ludden


There doesn't seem to be much going on, just this and that. I've seen a lot of turkey, especially over in Monroe. I guess they're filling their tummies full before the field are covered with snow. We've been lucky, haven't we?


It's time for me to send wreaths to Arlington. What a thing, and to see them in place. On TV, they showed a nursing home putting bows on some of the wreaths. The residents were so cute and serious; some of them couldn't manage it because they had crippled hands, but some nursing home staff helped them. Some of them were crying -- it was just a moving story. And tonight some students from a vocational school photography class are going.

Lock your house

Do you lock your house when you leave? You should; we've had stuff stolen here in Jackson. How selfish to do that, most parents work so hard.


Gee, my house feels like a florist's shop. I've never had so many flowers all at once. I got my beautiful centerpiece from Arthur Curtis that I get every year. Also, my yellow mums (I think that's what they are). I won at Jean Tibbetts' shower. My Christmas cactus bloomed, and Lisa got me a Christmas cactus, as always.

Christmas cards

Have you got your Christmas cards sent? I haven't. I do have family done, but not sent. I order them from a catalog, Learning Tree. I have probably 10 already that were sent to me.

There are older people in town who would like a card, I'm sure. How about Eleanor Tibbetts, Theo Stacey, Virgina Work, Cliff and Phillis Grant, Betty Evans, Alma Littlefield, Joan Porter, Jane Alexander, Buddy Clark? Also, I'd thought of Beverly Stubbs and Linda Lord at Harbor Hill, and Carol Kenny, who can't get around much. If you know someone, let me know. I know I'm older, but I get 50 or so.


What would you do with a $425 million jackpot? You'd have half of it left after taxes. My idea would be to give it to my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. With that I could pay everyone's taxes in town and on and on. How dumb -- guess what? I didn't even buy a ticket.


Did you see where some people went to New York to help and got arrested for not having the right papers? Now it seems like I wrote about it once already. If so, I'm sorry, or was it in the notes I write all week?


Congratulations to Chrissy Larrabee for making the Husson women's basketball team.


Did you see the story about the policeman who bought a pair of shoes for a homeless man? There was also a story about a truck driver who took his shoes off to give to a homeless man.

Mount View craft fair

The fair was a big success with a good crowd. I didn't make it, because I had the flu or something. I'm going to suggest that they have benches or a seat for folks to sit down. If someone gets tired, they're going to leave. If they can rest a while, they might shop some more.

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