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By Sarah Reynolds | Dec 31, 2012

By Beverly Ludden



Well, it's all over. Hope you had a nice Christmas, as we all did; it was real busy. Lisa had her tree Christmas eve. Polly and I were also there.

Christmas morning Debbie got a big breakfast for her dad and his wife, Ken and Jean Demmons, his grandkids. Lisa and I and Johnny also ate -- what a breakfast. Then Christmas night we all were at Johnny and Debbie's -- Lisa, Chris, LeeAnn and Eric, Brandi and Kurt, Michelle, Shane and Ella, AJ, Becca and Mady, Polly and me. A big houseful. All kinds of snacks, then turkey pie and cheesecake after. What a Christmas night! Debbie loves Christmas, and always gives us all a good time. Lisa helped her. Thanks, Debbie.

Thanks for all my cards, about 40 of them. Many included pictures. They came from all over -- Montana, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maine. I was lucky as always. I got a scanner, a boombox, clothes and more. Thanks, everyone!


I couldn't help but think of the families in Connecticut. How could they enjoy the season? They say do something for someone else. I thought if we could only have brought a family to Jackson, maybe taken them shopping, out to eat, for a ride in a sleigh (even with no snow), or just to see the ocean, the cows, etc., maybe it would have helped. But they wouldn't be at home as they would want to be. That's where we all feel safe, don't we? So do something for someone. Santa and a lot of elves came to Polly's to put in her wood.

Snow plowing

Thanks to all Jackson residents for your patience with my son, Johnny, who is plowing for the town for his first year. He is learning with every storm/event. Bordering contractors have been very helpful. He will do his best to use common sense and good judgment to serve the town. Please don't hesitate to call if your road needs attention.

White House

did you see the program on Christmas at the White House? They interviewed President Obama's daughters and wives of past presidents. It was great.


I didn't realize UPS was so big until I saw on TV the planes and then the hub where 300 packages go through a second. Those guys must be resting. Our UPS man is great, as is our mail lady. I'm sure they're glad it's over. Thanks, folks.

Christmas gift

I got a Dysart cookbook from my daughter. What a lot of recipes -- they use as much local food as possible -- and a lot of reading.

Flag ladies

There's a group of women in Freeport who stand outside every day with flags. This week they let 26 balloons go for the Connecticut school tragedy.

Rita's back

Glad you feel better, Rita, and are back home. Hang in there.

A little late

One book a student read to me was "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Then the next day on the way to mount View on East Thorndike road, there he was on the ramp leading to Tucker's Pond on the end big as can be. Then two days later he was gone. I wanted to take his picture for the student. I hope he didn't drown.


Flint Hecla twins Chad and Nicole Dodge all visited Tuesday.

Cheryl and Harold had Eddie Michael and Eddie for dinner.

Henry and Ann Hartley and their four girls were at April and Norman Kirby's and family. Henry and Beverly Hartley were also there from Orient. The three Hartley girls have gone to visit with Grammie Hartley this week at Orient.

Marlene and Clifford Thompson had Bruce and Brian for Christmas. They said they had a nice day. I'm sure they talked to Rachelle and family.

Harold and Irene Tibbetts had Eleanor, Cody and Jean, Shannon, Kenny and Jackson for Christmas. They were all there for the tree and everything.

All the Overlock family meet at Lorraine's for their annual get-together.

Dave McDaniels and Heather Selin are in West Virginia for the holidays.

Mark and Allyn Weaver and Chase had Papa and Gram up for tree, dinner, etc. I was invited, but had no time. Mark gave us all a scare Christmas eve.

If you have Christmas news drop them off or call me.

Happy New Year. I hope 2013 is great for all of us.

And don't forget to check for fire alarms. There are so many fires. Jason Johnson was on TV tonight about it.

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