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By Sarah Reynolds | Jan 10, 2013

By Beverly Ludden



Gee, if we have enough snow for the snowmobiles it might help the economy upcountry. Be careful crossing the road, also on the darn lakes and ponds -- there's plenty of land.


The deer are moving, so there's snow in the woods. The apple orchard in Thorndike has really been busy. Also, I saw a few pheasants in Fowlers fields and other places.

Polly had a couple deer come to the feeding spot by her front door. She has all kinds of birds, ducks, turkeys and deer now and then. If you have some grain you don't want, she can use it. She spends a lot on feed for all the animals; she loves it. I thought someone might have some to get rid of.

Volunteer Grammie

I've given up my Grammie volunteer job in Monroe. My new bus run interferes. I sure miss it; I loved it over there. I sure miss the kids reading to me and saying, "Hi, Grammie," when I would meet them in the hall. I miss everyone. Maybe I can go back sometime.


To the people who didn't get a card from me, I'm sorry. You're first on the list next year. The first I knew, it was too late. I just got one from Germany.


So the Legislature passed the fiscal cliff (whatever) a little after midnight. How stupid, now they're fighting again. Some are trying to get Angus King to swing their way. From what I've seen, he's going to do as he damn pleases. Go for it, Mr. King.

Get well

Get well, Mark, also Clayton, who I forgot last week. It doesn't start your day very well to turn on the scanner and hear "Hatch Road in Jackson."


It's nice to read about the Ingraham family in Mainely Agriculture. Johnny sent it down for me to read. We can't seem to get arming of our minds. I send Grit, etc. to him. It was also nice to see the Doaks in the Bangor Daily, and it explains some of this milk or farm thing. What do people think they will eat if they don't support the farmers?

Monday evening

On TV a minute ago, it said they are starting a course in farming at Goodwill Hinkley, run by Kennebec Valley College, so maybe that will interest some young people to try to farm.

Ice fishing

Morgan Curtis caught her first brook trout last weekend. It was 13 inches long, her dad said. He was cooking it for her for supper when we talked. How good for the kids to get out on weekends.

AJ and Ben took Mady and the boys, Gradie and Landen, ice fishing. Mady, who is 1, got a fish on her trap, but Dad put it back. He said she cried, stamped her feet and had a tantrum because of it. I can't believe my great-grand-daughter had a tantrum!

Boy Scouts

Did you see where the lady from Florida wanted to see the sun rise at Acadia? She wasn't dressed for Maine weather and got hurt. If it wasn't for trained Boy Scouts from Maine, she would have frozen. They put her in sleeping bags, etc.

Most popular candy bars

The most popular candy bars in the United States are, in order, Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Butterfinger and Milky Way.

Back to school

The Sandy Hook kids in Connecticut are back to school in a new town and a new building. It must have been awful for them and their parents. Some of the parents went with their kids when they went back.


Gee, how can they cut education any more? It seems they cut and spend it other places. Look what it's going to cost to take down the old Bucksport bridge. It's unreal. Leave it for a few years until we're better off in this state. I realize it's a different account or what you call it, but most of us take money from one place to pay another. Just a thought.


So Hillary Clinton has been to 112 countries. Quite a thing, I think. Some people say she faked her illness so as not to testify on something coming up. God, you can't even be sick. It's disgusting.

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