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By Sarah Reynolds | Feb 14, 2013

By Beverly Ludden



What a snowstorm! Thanks to my family, I am all plowed out, my deck is shoveled, etc. There's not much on the roof of my trailer or garage. It blew off my trailer down onto my bus, which I keep between the trailer and garage to be warmer and away from the wind -- but it didn't work so good this time.

LeeAnn was in snow to her waist getting to my front door to shovel it out. Eric finished it later. Johnny shoveled with his tractor on his way to the sand pile after going home to get hay to the cows and horses. Chris used his snow blower to get other places he and Mum got the night before. A.J., Becca and Mady (her first snow-plowing event) got it out earlier, so everyone had a part in getting Gram out.


The town was open all night, with three trucks; Johnny was out for 20 hours. The other two plowing contractors has drivers to help them. Only one complaint came to Debbie.

Brooks was also busy, with three trucks. Granpa came after Chris at 2 a.m. to load trucks for them. Their roads are always great. LeeAnn and Chris' grandparents headed for Florida Sunday. Do you blame them? Actually, it was already planned; hope they enjoy it.

Storm elsewhere

New York City had 250,000 tons of salt ready for the storm and 1,700 trucks (plows). More than 5,000 flights were canceled, and there was no mail service. Some people were still on the road, even though they were told not to go out. Some people have to go out -- nurses and others who are needed to help people.

The scanner was very busy. There were even people asking for someone to plow or shovel. If you're interested you might put a notice at J.P.'s.


I did something I've never done. I was chosen for jury duty. There were 150 of us. It was very interesting to see one another. I saw Heather from Jackson.


Check your bank statement to be sure no one's using your credit card number to buy something. They get your number somehow. I've had a call recently from someone who said they had cheaper medical insurance. They wanted my bank name and number. The sorry fellow didn't get it; he was from Texas.


Sympathy to Ann Hartley on the death of her mother in New York.


I was talking to an acquaintance recently who told me the wife of the owner of Hawes Auto Body in Detroit has a fabric shop under their home that is very nice. I thought some of you who sew here in town would like to know.

Mount View

Jarryd Fonger came in second in his weight class in wrestling in Skowhegan recently. The Mount View cheerleaders came in fifth in the regionals in Bangor.


LeeAnn turned 19 Feb. 10. Tom, Donna, Ann, Eric Roberts, Lisa, Chris, LeeAnn and I went to the newly opened Homestead Restaurant in Unity. There was a nice crowd. Happy birthday, LeeAnn.

I counted on TV 38 churches that canceled services yesterday. That's a lot of chuches. Maybe I missed some, as I was counting something I found interesting and I probably missed a few.


Lisa and LeeAnn worked with my new remote. I couldn't program it in. What a job! I was ready to use my living room one in both places, but I'd get to bed and my remote was still in the living room -- my bedroom one was the one that was not working. You wouldn't believe the buttons, etc. you had to do. Finally, LeeAnn read the directions and Lisa worked the control. Then they put in a new filter for my water line, but it leaked. That's finally taken care of. I have a lot of sand. Then they took my garbage (as they always do). I bet they were glad I didn't have anything else. Oh, yes, they found some yarn for me in my little bedroom which is full of tubs, etc. with stuff in them. I thought after what a time they had I should mark each one.

Slippery driving

Have a good week. Chris just left. He comes and checks on me (and gets a snack). It was bad driving Monday night and the scanner was busy. I checked to see if everyone was home. As Lisa said, "What can you do?" But I guess that's how grandmothers are. Michelle and LeeAnn are in Bangor, A.J. and Becca in Belfast, Mady in Knox, Lisa in Bangor, and on and on. I wasn't worried about Chris and Ella on the bus. I'm just relieved that they are all home safely.

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