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By Sarah Reynolds | Feb 21, 2013

By Beverly Ludden



Here we are, another snowstorm. Not so bad as last weekend, but a lot of churches canceled again. Most Catholics will attend, because of the Pope. No school next week, so bus drivers don't have to get buses out.


The tournament has started, but not on TV. What a day to watch it, and it's the last year at Bangor Auditorium. They showed a lot of old teams playing -- I think I saw a shot of Mount View and David Heslem. That was the year the girls and boys went to the states. What's happened? I was sorry to hear that Newport beat Belfast. I sort of have ties with both because we (Mount View) play Belfast and my sister's kids went to Newport.


Mark Weaver is back in Camden at Quarry Hill for rehab. Get well, Mark, and come back to Jackson. He was at PenBay, then in Portland, went to Boston, then back to Portland for a while, came to Jackson for a few days because the flu was going around at the nursing home, and now he's back in Camden. His address there is Quarry Hill, Anderson Inn, Room 114, 3 Community Dr., Camden, ME 04843.


Are you interested in going on a cruise? Can you imagine being on that crippled Carnival cruise? Lisa and three other nurses and I went to Mexico on a cruise a few years ago. We had a good time, but once is enough for me, especially now. Of course, we flew to Florida; flying's not my thing, either.

Well, the Carnival ship is finally in. It's hard to believe those little tug boats could push and pull that big ship. Some of the passengers say they will never go again, some will. More than 4,000 passengers are all getting $500 compensation.

Speaking of a ship, they showed the United States, which is one of the biggest ships. It's falling apart, and some people want it repaired and turned into a tourist restaurant. But our government would rather spend the money on some foolish thing.

Community Center

The Jackson Community Center held its meeting to discuss having a continental breakfast at the town meeting. It was a big hit last year. The Cabin Fever Reliever also drew a good crowd, as did the Labor Day event. A lot is going to happen. if you want to help or have a talent, contact Jen Tibbetts.


Did you see that a Deer Isle nursing home had a Valentine's prom? Everyone dressed up and they danced, even the residents in wheelchairs. What a lot for the staff. They also had help from the families, and a photograph place donated its services.

Fast food

I saw a segment on TV about fast food. The salad is sprayed with something to prevent wilting that is similar to antifreeze. French fries, of course, have oil, salt and pepper, plus sugar to keep them crisp. The sandwiches all have the calorie count, amount of fat, etc. on them.


There wasn't much to watch yesterday evening, so I was watching the RFD Channel. They showed an auction of 240 1 1/2-year-old steers from some big ranch. They went for $165 each. One Angus bull was sold for $8,500.


Has the wind blowed or what today? It's supposed to go down tonight. We lost our power just once for a few minutes. It being Presidents' Day, did you hear on the news that 12 presidents have come to Bangor. The first was Grant in 1871; among the others were Taft, George W. Bush, both Roosevelts, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson and Carter. The first ones stayed in Bangor House. Of the rest, most flew back to Washington the same day, all except Carter, who stayed with a family he knew. Just a little history, I think it's interesting.


There are still 66,000 troops in Afghanistan. We are supposed to bring 34,000 home by 2014, to what? No jobs, medical care, and for many, no home. It's sad.


More than 70,000 pieces of luggage are lost every year. I think there's a special place where they sell all the articles.


Kids, I hope you had a good vacation. I don't think there's another one until April.

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