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By Sarah Reynolds | Feb 27, 2013

By Beverly Ludden


Happy birthday, Lucy

Some of us celebrated what would have been my sister Lucille's birthday at the home of her son Rick Curtis and his wife, Darcie. Those who enjoyed a wonderful supper put together by Darcie, including a dessert Lucille made a lot, plus a candle flaming, were Kathy Cunningham,Tanya Hubbard, Lisa, LeeAnn and Chris; also Eric, Darcie's dad, Dave, of course, Rich, Darci Morgan, Ryan and me. The evening ended with different stories about her boys and Mount View.

What a day!

It's been ages since I've been to Belfast, so I had a list a mile long. I started with a breakfast sandwich, then to the ATM, then the car wash, Walgreen's (I'd never been there) and lunch with Brandi at Bell the Cat (what a nice place to eat!). Then I went back to Walgreen's (I'd forgotten something), then to Making Waves -- the reason I went to Belfast was to have my hair done by my niece Alyssa. Then I went home to Jackson with the car almost empty on fuel, so I stopped at JP's and saw two or three folks I hadn't seen for a while.


Let's hope we don't get the storm coming across the U.S. They said on TV that at least 20 states are getting part of this storm.


Gee, more snow. I haven't been out, but my family says there's a lot or enough. I planned to go to my sister Shirley's, but the day we planned to get together there was snow.


There's been a lot of basketball. I really enjoyed that; there were a lot of good games. Everyone is talking about the last game next Saturday. The auditorium in Bangor opened in 1955 or '56. There have been 58 tournaments, according to one person. They interviewed one coach from out of state. This is his first year at the tournament. His team here in Maine didn't come last year. He said he couldn't believe the people clear to the top of the auditorium yesterday. He said where he came from, a few players' families would attend. he couldn't believe there were so many people there. I guess the new auditorium is something. I would like to see inside, but I doubt I'll get to.

While I was waiting for a basketball game, I found a baseball game -- nice. I can't believe baseball time is coming.


Did you see the drumsticks that are made in Newport? They make 80,000 to 90,000 a day. I had to call my sister to ask where the factory was. She told me it's right there near the lake. They make other things, also.


There's 3 million cheerleaders in the U.S. Some states don't consider it a sport. have you seen how they cheer now? It's scary. There are 26,000 cheerleaders hurt every year, some permanently.

New highway

What do you think about the east-west highway being built? I guess it won't bother us much here. Maybe some people would get a job, and maybe some of the big trucks would go that way. I don't see how.


What about all the cuts, and a lot of it will hurt our children and teachers. Government got us into this mess, let's cut some of them. All they do is fight, instead of getting along and trying to figure this out.


What an accident at NASCAR. Why would people sit so close? It's lucky more people weren't hurt. How about the women driving?

More snow

They're saying we'll get more snow Wednesday and Thursday. The last storm hit 20 different states. Yea, it's nearly March.


Was the moon every bright last night! it was shining in my back window for a while.

First Lady

Instead of worrying about our budget, which is scary and disgusting, they can't get along. it's only going to hurt us low-income people, not those who make so much. Anyhow, they are having a fit because Michelle Obama has been showing up. It seems good to see her for a change.

Good week

I hope your week is good, and you don't have to worry about schools, medicine, etc. It doesn't seem fair we have to sit and worry about things.

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