Jewelry Pieces for Emotional and Physical Support.  Individual Consultations with Tonya @ Lupine Cottage

By Lupine Cottage | Jul 12, 2018

Tonya’s Jewelry is intended to support the wearer emotionally and physically.  It is comprised of natural stones and crystals that are believed to be beneficial to the body and spirit.  Each one contains a grouping of stones to address a certain issue such as anxiety or menopause symptoms.  They also contain lava stones that will accept essential oils.  It is Tonya’s belief that these oils enhance the benefits of wearing the piece of jewelry.  Just place a small amount of oil on the lava stones, allow absorb completely to avoid staining clothing.  This jewelry is not intended to replace medical treatment.  Please always seek the advice of a medical professional when necessary.   If you have any questions about my jewelry, please feel free to contact me directly.


Tonya does make custom pieces and consultations can be done via email, phone or in  person.

Dates of Consultation at Lupine Cottage

July 27, 2018  from 11am-2pm

August 25, 2018  from 11am-2pm

September 21, 2018 from 11am- 2pm

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