John D. Gibbs, Non-party Candidate for Sheriff
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John D. Gibbs | Non-party Candidate for Sheriff

I have been a Waldo County resident my entire life. I was born in Belfast and I was raised in Monroe. I graduated from Mount View High School in Thorndike in 1986.

I graduated from the University of Maine with an Associate’s Degree in Legal Technology. While in college I worked for the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department and the Atlantic Sea-Run Salmon Commission with aspirations of becoming a Maine Game Warden.

After graduating from college I began working part-time at the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department as an emergency dispatcher and correctional officer in the spring of 1989. In July of 1989, I also began working part-time as a patrol officer at the Belfast Police Department. During these part-time jobs I was still in the hiring process with the Maine Game Warden Service. I was selected to be one of the 10 Wardens out of a pool of over 1000 applicants.

I graduated field training in the fall of 1990 for the Maine Wardens Service obtaining my ultimate goal at 22 years of age.

Shortly after graduating I received upsetting news that four other Game Wardens and I were being laid off due to state budget short falls. I returned to the Belfast Police Department as a full-time officer on March 7th 1991. Although I was recalled for the Warden Service I chose to stay with the Belfast Police Department because of job security. Looking back I know this was the right choice.

I have worked over 27 years with the Belfast Police Department serving 1.5 years as a Patrol Officer, 4.5 years as a Detective and 21 years as a Patrol Sergeant. In these roles I have had the opportunity to work with many different agencies and interact with the community. I have seen the best in people and I have seen the worst, but no matter the person or circumstance, I have always tried to make the situations better for all involved. I know as the Sheriff of Waldo County I can continue to make an impact and a difference.

I have always treated people with respect and have always been honest. I have treated each and every person as I would want to be treated if the roles were reversed and have policed myself constantly to remember that there are always two sides to every story. Having the ability to place myself in others “shoes” gives me the ability to enforce the law with compassion and fairness, both things I know the people of Waldo County deserve from their Sheriff.

My career has been very rewarding thus far. I am now ready to breathe fresh air into the Sheriff’s Office, knowing that my integrity, compassion and fairness for all will affect the community in a positive way. The community is and has been my “second family,” for nearly 30 years of service and I long to continue to serve them, in a much larger scale, as their choice for Sheriff of Waldo County.

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