John Viehman, VStv/Courier Publications
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266 Meadow St.
Rockport, ME 04856
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Invigorate YOUR Marketing

First, a little background on me... I’ve worked for some of the country’s largest publishers of magazines, books, and websites on outdoor recreation, shelter and city-regional lifestyle (e.g., Down East, Backpacker, New Shelter, etc.)


Closer to home, I now regularly roll up my shirtsleeves to assist chamber of commerce directors and downtown business associations in their support of their member businesses. By way of example, I’ve lead more than 35 marketing workshops across the state of Maine over the past few years.


I believe strongly in “paying it forward” in our Midcoast community, which is why I humbly serve as President for United Mid-Coast Charities, as a Board Member for the Greater Pen Bay Chamber of Commerce, sit on the Rockport Planning Board and Chair the Rockport Technology Committee.


More to the point, when it comes to marketing the only thing that matters is what your customers think about you and your products or services. What are they seeing and hearing? How does it benefit them? So in a few words, my job is to help you as an advertiser develop your print and video messages so they generate a response with as many of our readers and viewers as possible, pure and simple. Whether that means butts-through-the-doors, heads-in-beds, or simply better brand recognition, I'm confident that I can guide you to your business goal. Call me and let's get started.


John Viehman is vice president of sales and marketing for VStv/Courier Publications LLC.