Jonathan Fulford to Run a Clean Election Campaign in Waldo County

Apr 23, 2014

State Senate candidate Jonathan Fulford (D-Monroe) submitted paperwork and qualifying donations that will certify him to officially become a Clean Election candidate for Waldo County’s Senate seat.

Fulford met the criteria necessary to show support for his candidacy from the people of Waldo County submitting more than 20 percent more donations than was necessary. Fulford’s campaign reports that contributions were received from every municipality in the county.

“I want to represent all of Waldo County and am honored that voters from every town in Waldo County support my Clean Elections bid. By accepting public funding under the Clean Elections law, I am able to represent the citizens of Waldo County without any debt of gratitude to big corporations,” Fulford stated.

Jonathan Fulford has lived in Monroe for more than 33 years. His children and grandchildren live in Waldo County. He has been a carpenter, builder, and small business owner for nearly 30 years.

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