Junior Technician at ComputerSolutions Takes the Initiative, Earns Promotion

Summer is usually a time for high school kids to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and relax before the school year starts up again.  For Nickolai Wotton, now a senior at Oceanside East High School, Summer 2012 was about preparing for a career as a computer technician after high school.

Wotton, a junior technician at ComputerSolutions, went above and beyond the call-of-duty this summer by obtaining his Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification.  “I wanted to become Apple certified for a number of reasons, but the biggest among them was how much it will help me get into better schools and a great career,” Wotton explains.  He says that being Apple certified looks good on a résumé, and even admits that bragging rights are also a perk.

As a result of Wotton’s initiative, ComputerSolutions promoted him from Junior Technician to Apple Certified Junior Technician.  Owner Todd Gustafson says of Wotton:

“Nikolai came to work at Computer Solutions in the summer of 2011.  For that summer he spent the bulk of his time putting keyboards on Macbooks and other simple part replacements.  When school started last year, Nikolai continued to come in every day and help with whatever computer repairs needed completing.  At the beginning of this summer Nikolai and I had a discussion about what he wanted to do after school.  He told me he was going to go to college to become a computer engineer.  At that point he set a goal to earn his Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification.  I don’t feel uncomfortable saying Nikolai worked harder this summer than any of us at the shop.  Not only did he work full time hours, but he also found time to study for the two exams that are required to earn the certification.  Most people schedule the two hour tests a few days apart, so they can focus on one test at a time. Nikolai scheduled both tests one immediately after the other.  I was not surprised when I got a text message from him leaving the testing center at Portland after just a little more than 2 hours, having completed both tests and passed them both.  Nikolai is a great young adult.  His hard work, dedication and caring about the customer make him a great fit for our business and we’re glad to have him.”

After high school, Wotton would like to pursue a career as either a Computer Engineer or a Programmer.  He says he hasn’t quite decided which area he would like to focus on, but his forward-thinking attitude and work ethic clearly indicate that Wotton will succeed in whichever path he chooses.


About Computer Solutions

Started in April 2006 by owner Todd Gustafson, Computer Solutions has quickly become well-known to local residents and business owners, providing knowledgeable and friendly expert PC and Apple computer service.  Todd’s focus has always been customer service and even though Computer Solutions is growing rapidly, his mission and values have not changed.  Today, Computer Solutions provides a wide range of solutions, from simple upgrades to full-fledged repair and total web solutions.  Visit them online at www.computersolutionsme.com, or call (207) 594-5556 for more information.

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