Kinney to seek fourth term in Maine House

Feb 24, 2020
MaryAnne Kinney of Knox will seek reelection to a fourth term serving Maine House District 99. She is the lone Republican among Waldo County's representatives in Augusta.

Knox — Rep. Mary Anne Kinney, R-Knox, announced plans to seek a fourth term serving Maine House District 99. Kinney serves as the top Republican on the Legislature’s Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee and serves on the State and Local Government Committee.

“Farming is very important to our area,” she said. “I often tell other legislators that I come from a place where there are more cows than people, so it’s really important that our part of rural Waldo County has someone in the Legislature who understands agriculture, and the way the laws and rules affect families like ours who are just trying to make a living off the land.”

Kinney and her husband operate a year-round family farm where they produce and sell maple syrup products.

“That’s how I got into politics,” she said. “I started coming to Augusta to weigh in on bills that affect maple producers around the state, have been involved with the Maine Farm Bureau since before I took office six years ago, and want to continue working to strengthen our agricultural economy going forward.”

Kinney has submitted bills to ease regulations on farmers during her time at the State House, and has also gone to Washington, D.C., to advocate for fairer labeling of farm produce.

“A few years ago, the federal government was going to put warning labels on maple syrup and other natural products produced here in Maine,” she said. “Several of us went down to D.C. to make our case with our federal delegation and were able to get that rulemaking turned aside.

"I have also worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle to reduce regulations that hurt small farmers in our state, such as exempting animal bedding from posting limits during mud season," she said. "It seems like a small thing, but there are all kinds of small things that impact our farms and their future that most people just don’t see.”

Kinney said she has also enjoyed serving on the State and Local Government Committee.

“It’s a change of pace from Ag, where you know all the players and all the issues,” she said. “And that’s good, because there are so many things we deal with here in the Legislature that most members don’t get to see firsthand because they are only on one committee. I have made some great friends on State and Local, and have developed a deeper appreciation for the work our selectmen, town officials and county governments do.”

Kinney’s district includes Brooks, Burnham, Freedom, Jackson, Knox, Monroe, Thorndike, Troy and Unity. For more information or to get involved with her campaign, contact Kinney at or 568-7577.



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