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By Rita Doughty | Feb 15, 2020


Hello to All,

Us Mainers are a tough lot, we take on each day as it arrives, we have no choice. Mother Nature does her own thing whether we agree or not. I think we have been pretty lucky ― not much snow, most of it is in the northern area, up in the County as we call it. Only thing hard to deal with is the ice, having to be very careful going out. I hope you all are doing as well as possible.

There is Ice Fishing Derb's this weekend now. Riley's Wish and fun games at Lake St. George.

There are plans for another Unity Ice Oval Snowmobile Race the first weekend of March on Unity Pond. It will be Sunday, March 8, 10:30 a.m., if all goes well. Contact Darren Doughty and Mike Lancaster for info. See you at Unity Pond for a fun day.


Our condolences to the Doughty family on the loss of Heidi Doughty's father, Doug McAvey. May be rest in peace. Thinking of all.


Happy birthday on Feb. 16 to Karen Doughty. To Lin Doughty Jr. on Feb. 19. To Sara Doughty on Feb. 20. May you all have a great day! And happy birthday to any of you reading this if you have a birthday this month!

Congrats to Miss Hannah

A big congrats to Hannah Oliver who is the class president of her senior class. She has helped to raise about $4,000 from the basketball concessions. She has been accepted at many colleges, Husson. UMF, UMO, Thomas, and more. Congrats from all of us wherever you attend college! You go, girl!


The flu, and those nasty viruses are still going around, and some have had pneumonia. I stay home all I can. Joyce Thompson is home again after another heart attack and a few days at Maine General Hospital. I hope you feel better soon, Joyce. Better days are ahead.

Off to Maryland

Cindy Abbott and her hubby Timmy were in Maryland this past weekend for Cindy's Paparazzi Mini Convention. She is a selling machine of the Paparrazi Jewelry, and at only $5 each piece. Congrats to her! They did a walking tour of the Capitol Plaza, as they were very close to the White House. She took many pictures and posted them on her Facebook page. She and Tim are a very sweet couple of folks.

In Virginia

Miss Mylee Grant is with her family at Virginia Beach, Va., for gymnastics meets for the Excalibur Cup. Good luck to her. May she have a great time, and awesome scores! Thinking of you, Mylee!

Valentine's Day

I missed adding it to my last column as I was not up to par. I hope your Valentine was good to you. If you didn't have one, join the club, as many of us did not as well. We wait for the half-price candy the day after and dream. Haha! Always one way to look at that day.

Hope for Homeless

My friend Ann Sweeney and villagers have been helping the homeless in Bangor. She is always looking for donations of the basics to feed those at the warming shelter, those who have no bed for the night. A little soup or hot drink, or handwarmers, $5 DD cards. It is not much, but can be a lot with all of us helping to donate a little bit. She is on Facebook, or has PayPal for donations for her shoppers to help out. Share if you can.

Until next week,

Be safe and be warm. Pay it forward to someone.


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