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By Rita Doughty | Jan 03, 2014

Our Weather

We have had some real brutal cold weather, winds, way below zero, ice everywhere. It sure is Mother Nature testing us this winter. We have had several days of no POWER.  Our  vehicles all encased in ice, our trees, and everywhere you look ice all over everything you can see. One day the sun shone, and some of it came off, but the most stayed on, and is still there to deal with. People have ice build up, and snow on their roofs, and now they say we will get some rain soon. Oh my, it is going to be a real mess. The trees are bent way over, and probably many will stay that way and be ruined. The snow plow people have done a great job here in our Town plowing, and sanding our roads. Thanks Todd, and your crew. We appreciate your efforts, and know it's not easy, as this Town has many hills.

Sunday Jan.5th Chorus Reunion

The Mt. View Chamber Singers will hold there Reunion Concert at 7 pm at Mt. View. This will include the Alumni singers too. Sounds like a nice evening to attend.


I would like to wish A Very Happy Birthday to little Ashlynn Doughty, and she is now three years old.

New Business

Heidi Doughty of town will finally Open her new Hair Salon, Flip Flop on Monday, Jan. 6th. She is on Purple Heart Highway going into Brooks on Rt. 139. Call for an appt. 722-FLIP ( 3547 ). Good news, she is already booked for Opening Day..I hope you do really well. Lots of luck on your new venture. Let's call her up folks !


I am extending our sincere condolences to the family of Patricia Raven. Pat had been living the past several months in Pittsfield. She and Al had lived on 139 in Knox for quite some time. She used to work at Unity Pharmacy. We will miss you.

Another Loss

I am sending our sincere condolences to the family of Sophyre Schultz. She lived in Unity. She will be missed by many friends as well. I spent a few Thanksgivings,  and got to meet her at her brother's home. We all gathered at her brother's place, Hanley and Lisa, and Nicholas Nickerson on the Bacon Road. She was a real good cook, and nice lady. I will miss you.

Another Neighbor

There are many that are feeling the loss of a wonderful friend, and family man in Liberty, Charlie Edgecomb. We are thinking of his family there. May he rest in peace, and condolences to his wife, Sandra.


For those of you that know Ann Howe of Palmyra, she passed away on Monday, and her funeral service was today, Friday. Her son, Richard lives in Troy, and has Howe's Auto Body. Condolences are sent to her family by her sister- in- law, Leona Howe Ohlert from Florida. She will be buried in the Spring at Rogers Cemetery in Troy.

From Thorndike

Sympathy to the family of Elden " Buddy " Ward. He will certainly be missed by many friends as well. Thinking of you ,Mary.


I am saddened to write that our beloved friend,  family member, and favorite teacher of all time has passed away.  Arthena Taylor Keller " Tena " has left us today. She was loved by so very many people. She will forever be missed by all who knew her. What a sweet person she was to us all. She loved to have visitors at Harbor Hill where she had been staying for a short while. Our heartfelt condolences to her family. We are all looking forward to her book. Rest In Peace lovely lady.

Grandkids Visits

Sara, Gabe, Katie, David, and Cody came and visited. The younger ones spent the night. They also stayed with Grampie Linwood, and Karen.They all went sliding, and snowmobiling in the cold. They managed to stay up to see the New Year arrive, and the Times Square New York City Ball drop at Midnight.

Trail Blazers

The Doughty kids along with Dad, Grampie, and others all tackled the snowmobile trail cutting towards Hilltop, and Frye Mt. They said the trees were bent over real bad on the trails, and it was real cold out, and an icy mess. I, for one thank you for all the work, as I know it was very cold to be out doing that for two days.

New Year

Well, did you stay up till Midnight on New Year's Eve ? I managed to be on facebook, and watch TV as well. I, was worried when they announced Miley Cyrus was going to be coming on to sing. What out landish thing would she do, but she behaved herself for once. She even announced before hand she had to be good, in front of millions of people. Another thing I said, If she came to Maine now, stuck out her tongue and licked anything here, her tongue would be there till Spring..( Just a little humor, couldn't help myself ) However, I hope everyone has a Wonderful  New Year ahead.

Flu Bug

The flu bug has been hitting some folks, and making them just plain ole miserable.Get well to those not feeling good.

Phone Call Message

I was notified to tell people to email the Joe-4-Oil program people. We need to email to, you had help with the program, and got oil before, please let them know where you live, and how it helped you. We need to let the President of Venezuela know to please RENEW the program for help with heating Oil this real cold winter. This is real, not a joke. Please share.

People on SNAP or Food Stamps

There was an email also that if you lost your food in your refrigerator after the power outage to report it within 10 days, and you need proof of power outage etc. and you will be reimbursed to your card. Please check on this ASAP, time is running out. Many people have lost food.

Potluck Benefit

A Potluck Benefit for Dwight Montgomery will be held Jan.25th 5 pm at Mt. View Cafe. He lost his home and everything recently. He works in maintenance at the school. For info, contact Cindy Abbott.

A Repeat

I am hoping in the Spring there will be a repeat Showing of the Film of the Freedom Mill Restoration, supper, and contra dance. Many of us were still reeling from the loss of power, trying to get back to any kind of normal, and from frozen water pipes, etc. So, to the people who did this please reconsider, and you will have a big crowd I'm sure.

News Column

I have typed this up three times, and just as I posted edit and save,whoosh it never worked, and gone. My internet went out. Then, again, pushed edit, wouldn't let me do it. I was ready to pull my hair out. As I am sitting here, I cannot figure out where it goes when my screen goes blank, moves up and down by itself...yikes,this modern technology really hates me. Sadly, my column has gotten shorter, I keep trying to remember what I have already posted.

Until next week,

If I don't completely lose my sanity trying to type this, I hope to see all of you again. I hope to have the last two weeks news columns printed in this weeks edition of the Journal too. My power was out, my computer was down, and dealing with my sciatic nerve I got it posted late. Yes, 2 weeks it was online, but not printed in the paper for you, and I'm sorry. I know many of you have called me about my column, or messaged me on Facebook, where was it at...Again, I'm sorry. I really appreciate all of you that read and enjoy my column. Thanks. Stay warm, check on your neighbor, make sure everyone is okay. Happy, Happy New Year to All!

Candle Lit Vigil

There will be a candle light Vigil on Jan. 17th 5-7 pm in Memory of Donna Jackson ( Ingraham ). This will be held in Unity, walking from Unity Elem. School to UHOP and back. Contact Katina for further info. In remembrance of her 60th Birthday.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services for Arthena " Tena " Taylor Keller will be Wed., Jan.8th at Freedom Congregational Church at 2 pm.  In the Spring,  April 12th there will be a Celebration of her life and Birthday.






































































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