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By Rita Doughty | Jan 10, 2014

Brrrrr!!! It's cold.....

Well folks that about sums it up, and I am glad we keep getting a little break now and then. First we are way below zero, and next it is in the teens, then we get wind, and back up to the 40's, rain, more ice, and who knows what is coming at us next. I, along with many more have endured the power off 5 days, 6 days, and praying it came on when it finally did. Some people only lost it a few hours, how lucky for them. It has been really cold out though, and I hope people are checking on there neighbors and so forth.We need to petition to have our power put underground, and I read up on this, and it can be done. Hopefully someone takes it upon themself and looks into this. We, the people receiving power will be paying to have it restored in our electric bills, with rate hikes I have heard. Now, isn't that just real dandy.

Candle Light Vigil

There will be a Candle Light Vigil Stroll on Jan. 17th 5-7 pm in Unity, from Unity Elementary School to Unity House of Pizza. This is in Memory of Donna Jackson. ( Ingraham ) to honor her 60th Birthday. She died a week before she was to be married to Willie Ingraham. Her daughter Katina is hosting this, and for further info, please contact her. She hopes to see many friends, and family attend. They will have Hot Chocolate after, or hot drinks. They will meet in the Community Center afterwards.

Belated Birthday

For those of you that know Louise Higgins she celebrated her 90th Birthday on Jan. 8th. She is in Florida and living with her daughter Gloria, and husband Carl Gomm. Happy Birthday to you !

Happy Birthday

Here's wishing a Happy Birthday to Darren Doughty on Jan. 15th. I hope you have many more.

Another Birthday

Little Miss Kelsea Doughty will celebrate her 9th Birthday on Jan. 23rd. Happy, Happy Birthday to you !!!

Happy Birthday

Here's wishing my grandson, Gabriel Doughty a Happy 11th Birthday on Jan. 20th. I hope you enjoy your big day. We all love you from the Doughty Cousins, and from your other relatives here as well.

School Board Meeting

A school board meeting is coming up on Jan. 13th at 7 pm at the Unity School. One thing coming up on the agenda is to decide to keep moving forward or stop the process of private transportation. Changes are being contemplated in RSU 3. Big changes may be coming to a Bus Stop near you. Please be advised about this, and plan to attend or contact your local school board director soon. This is very important news people if you have children in our schools. Let's try and get many people there. There is going to be a short time for comments I'm told.


I made a quick run to see Coral Furrow " Tootsie " today with some yarn from Darolyn Doughty and myself. She is making mittens for the children that need them. The Head Start youngsters, and Pre K kids. If you possibly can, send her some yarn, or leave it at the town office for her, and I will gladly get it to her. She is still pretty spry at nearly 96 yr's. old. Good job you do Tootsie.

Benefit Pot Luck

A benefit Pot Luck Supper for Dwight Montgomery will be on Jan.25th 5 pm at Mount View High School. To help or donate contact Cindy Abbott.

Until next week,

Have a great week everyone. Try to stay warm, and be careful as we still have ice under there, and this little dusting of snow today makes it very slippery.

Jan. 10th, Tonight

The Mt. View Chamber Singers will perform at 7 pm at Freedom Congregational Church. They have some very talented singers.






















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