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By Rita Doughty | Jan 17, 2014

Weather, It Changes !!!

What can I say, first we have real cold, and then it warms up like Spring, and rains, and them more ice. Now, this is so different, you never know what to expect. I don't know about you, but this Ice we have had is awful to say the least. Some of my friends have fallen, got broken ribs, got knocked out, and concussions, and other injuries. It certainly is unbelievable. Some ice, light dusting of snow, then your feet go flying, and down you go. All I can say is ouch..It has been ice coating over the surface ,and you can't even get out of the house, say nothing of trying to get back in. It sure had been something to deal with. Luckily, I have been staying home, but not because I wanted to, my sciatic nerve has been acting up. Guess you can say getting old.. Sigh!!! Now folks be careful, it's not Spring yet although has been in the 40's.

Good News

I am excited to tell you this. Arthena Taylor Keller, " Tena " , who passed recently has her book out For Sale now. The book, MY JOURNEY, A Story About My " Crazy " Life, is at Hilltop Store. It is $10.00, and all proceeds will go to Garry Owen Homeless Veterans House, or Warm Waldo. I got my copy, and read all of it, wishing it was longer. I sure got some laughs, and recognized many people she mentions in the book. I am glad she got to read it herself before she left us. Tena, your book is awesome, and I'm sure you are getting a kick out of seeing all of the people's reactions. I'm still looking for a Cardinal.

Tena's book is also available at Freedom General, Ridgetop, Ingraham Equipment, and Freedom Town Office.Also Trudy Price, and Geraldine Clark.


I would like to say" Hello" to my favorite friend, and his wife, Elmin and Edna Mitchell in sunny, Florida. I hope you are enjoying your weather, and you sure are not missing a thing here. Enjoy yourselves.

Basketball Season

Basketball is in full swing. The little ones, BUM League has games on Sundays. The Jr. High, and High School has scheduled games, and I know they are busy playing. Good Luck Mustangs !!!

Get Well

I am wishing Meri Picard a speedy Get Well with her broken nose. Hurry and get well so you can play basketball again soon.

Supper and Visit

I ventured to Unity today. I got all my errands done, and stopped to visit Bob and Ann Richardson at Leisure Court. We enjoyed a nice roast beef supper. No, I didn't sing for my supper, but I did do the dishes.

Dog Licenses

If you have a dog, or dogs, they need to be up to date on the rabies shot, and licensed. For info, call the Town Office 568-3907.


Heidi and Darren Doughty have about 9 puppies I believe that need good homes. They are pit-bull and Walker. She has pictures on facebook of all of them. They have a lot of white color, and brown. I must admit they are very cute. Get in touch with them as they are reasonably priced. Make a good pet.

Happy Birthday

I am sending Happy 87th Birthday Wishes to my Aunt, Ruth Drew. I hope you have many more!!!

Happy Birthday Also

I am wishing a Very Happy Birthday to Tanya Drew Braley on Jan. 24th. Hope your day is special. Love you.


If anyone calls you and identifies themselves as Central Maine Power, or a utility Company regarding an overdue bill, DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY. It's a SCAM to threaten a disconnection of services if you do not pay immediately over the phone using a " green card " or cash card. No legitimate Company will do this. Google the name or  call their business office yourself, before sending any money. Please let older folks know, those that may not be connected to the Internet of this scam.

Until next week,

Try to enjoy our snowy days. Stay warm, and be careful as you venture out. There is still ice in some places although we have had the rain. They said there was 10 inches of Ice on Lake St. George in Liberty for the Youth Fishing Derby Day. Thanks to those that sponsored this event for the kids. Go Smelting! Would I love to have some. Have fun .Enjoy our week.


My Grandson, Gabe got to go on the train from Portland to Boston to celebrate his birthday. He went with family. He loves going to the Aquarium.


Cindy Abbott is hosting the Benefit Pot Luck Supper on Jan. 25th, 4:30 pm for Dwight Montgomery at Mt. View. She is looking for people to donate food, and also items for the Silent Auction. He is the one that lost everything in a fire.

Get Well

Get better little Clay from your boo-boo on your cheek. He is just so adorable.

UMO Ladies Hockey

Lori Montminy, Julie Downer, and Lisa Elkins attended the UMO Ladies Hockey game. They even had Pink Ice. Lori was invited to represent Breast Cancer Survivors, and Awareness. Fairpoint Communication had the sky box where they were all invited to watch the game. Lori and Julie wore the Pink Clothing. Julie works for Fairpoint. and another friend Patty attended too.  Way to Go Ladies. We need to always promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

Hello Again

Wow, is it cold or what. We are having a real cold spell. I, for one have been staying here at home where it is nice and warm. I am glad to report that with all the book sales from Tena's book that three more families were able to receive heating fuel from Warm Waldo. The Garry Owen House for Homeless Veterans is receiving money too. This is wonderful. They still have books available. If you knew Tena Keller you would enjoy her book that was recently published. She wrote a book of the local  schools where she taught in Palermo, East Knox, Knox Stream, and Mount View. There was also stories of her own life, and family. Some were very comical. Pick up a book today, and you will enjoy it so much. I would be glad to mail you one as well. Books are $10.00, and postage about $3.00.. I mailed one today to my good friend ,Terry Reynolds Fisher in New Zealand.

Stay warm folks!!





















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